Dark Moons

Darkening of Shaintar

Begining on Dark Moons 26th, and each night following will seem darker and darker, with fog, heavy ominous cloud cover and other atmospheric effects making all of Shaintar seem dim and gloomy. A cold spell will settle across the land. As the final day of Winter approaches, even campfires and fireplaces will seem unable to warm the chill. Within the power of the the 13th hour, creatures of Darkness hunt openly and freely across the land, the more powerful servants of Vainar (Vampires, etc…) able to walk in the day under gray and gloomy clouds which blot out the sun.

Duchy of Faraway secede !

Months after the coup d'état in Faraway, the righfull duke Gérard Travanne of Faraway, backed by allies and most of the people of the duchy, manage to take back the control of Faraway. At the same time, Vivianne of NorthFace and her group of Cavaliers enters NorthFace and, after a brief but bloody battle (which was made even more complicated because of a necromancer rising zombies in the middle of the battle).

Echer'Naught rebuilt

After months of hard labor, the fine crafstmen of Stahlheim complete repair of the northern wall and construction of two, immense housing blocks in Echer'Naught's Low Town District.


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