The Thundering Skies Saga

This is an adaptation of a notice originally shared only with the Justice and Life Game Masters; it is altered to exclude information proprietary to their roles.)


The following information is effective immediately, and the first-ever worldwide campaign event is fully underway as of ConGlomeration this past weekend! The weather across the entire realm of Shaintar has gone nuts, and the following applies depending on where your campaign is on the Shaintar Calendar - 

The Thundering Skies Saga

The Big Irish Vlog - "Days Gone By and Thundering Skies"

* The World Book continues to fill out, as does the Justice and Life Wiki. One of the really big deals there is the new Calendar of Events, put into play by Shawn Gore and Mark Knapik. Check the link, because it's fracking cool! I am looking forward to adding more information to it, and all of you who are participating in J&L should help us do exactly that!


GM Hangout: The World Book & Wiki Announcement

This is the GM Hangout where we announce the implementation of the official Shaintar World Book as free online content.

As well, we've opened up the Shaintar: Justice and Life Wiki for all to participate and add to.

Shawn shows everyone how it all works, and points out the official Instruction Guide.

The Big Irish Vlog - "State of Shaintar Address"

The State of Shaintar

* Why Is Everything So Delayed?

* The Online World Book

* The Guidebooks

-- Guidebook I: Magic and Cosmology

* The Accursed Crossover Adventure

* User-Created Content and the New Map

-- Dramatis Heroica
-- Online Worldbook
-- Guidebook Specific Contributions

Justice and Life Campaign Bible, GM Iteration

Justice and Life GMs - the first iteration of the full Campaign Bible is ready for you to review. As I don't want to just put it out for all players to see, please let me know if you specifically want the link in your role as a GM. You should either PM me, or email me at evilbeaglegames :at: gmail.

For those who just want to review the Players Allowed version, hit the link.


Over $2000 Towards Denver Dreams

As of this writing, we're well over the $2000 mark.


We have Applied Vectors offering their entire revenue stream from product sales to help. Fabled Environments is giving folks their two biggest maps. Fat Dragon is offering ~any single~ set. 

Today I am proud to announce that my friend Rob Adams (Dastardly Designed Games) is offering a free copy of "It Came from Beyond the Still" (AKA Aliens vs Zombies) and "Space Wranglers," two of his games on WarGame Vault, to further support our Big Denver Dreams.

So What Does an Accessible PDF Look Like?

I am exceedingly proud to see Shaintar: Legends Arise used as an example of a good product that adheres to the needs for Accessibility. This is a pretty cool article that uses my book (as developed by Savage Mojo, who get every single bit of credit for this) as an example of accessibility.


The Player Version of the J&L Campaign Bible

The Player-friendly part of the Official Shaintar: Justice and Life Campaign Bible is up in its earliest iteration. It is a living document, one that will be frequently updated. Future updates will be annotated with the date.

Legends Unleashed Hardcover News

So, at long last, the Premium Hardcover version of Shaintar: Legends Unleashed is now available for sale.

For those of you who were Backers of the Kickstarter - if you have either the Softcover or Hardcover (regular, not special) editions coming your way, rest assured that Gayle is even now going through the process and getting them printed and shipped.

The Big Irish Vlog - "Unleashed and Savage Mojo News, and More Story Time"

Welcome to the Big Irish Vlog of 03/10/2014

* More Legends Unleashed news - at long last, the SNAFU for the Softcover's been resolved. Even better news - the Hardcover Premium version proof is on its way to the Silver Unicorn Pub. Once I put eyeballs on it and ensure it's good to go... well, we're good to go. I expect that to happen any day now.


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