Magic and Cosmology - HUGE Announcement

TL;DW version - the text for Magic and Cosmology (Volume I): Life and Light was completed last night.

State of Shaintar - Quarterly Video Series

Hello everyone and welcome to October.  The Raven's Flock is proud to bring you a new quarterly video series called the State of Shaintar.  These will be two videos created about every three months to help players and GM's keep up on whats going on in the world and to get some ideas on what they can run.  Below the links to the forum threads with the video links.  We are going to try and keep these to around a 1/2 hour to help make this short but easy to catch up.

Shaintar World Book and the J&L Wiki

Its been a while since we talked about the world book and the J&L wiki.  I just wanted to remind everyone about these wonderful tools.  

Shaintar World Book - This area is a supplement tot he printed materials published by SPF and his writers. 


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