Legends Arise, Legends Unleashed 60% Off

Today would be a very good day to pick up either of the two core Shaintar PDFs, along with the Six Times Epic bundle.

Check out today's Sean's Pick of the Day.

New Members of the Raven's Flock

I'd like to take a moment to welcome two new members to the Raven's Flock.  These are the folks who volunteer their time to help support and manage all aspects of Justice and Life.  These folks will be active on the forums and in various social media.  Also feel free to reach out to them if needed.  Welcome to the fold Richard Brown and Chris Parks. 


RinCon, ChupacabraCon

I am thrilled to announce that Ross Watson (Managing Director for Evil Beagle Games and Sir Stefen of J&L fame) and I are Guests at two fantastic upcoming conventions.

The first is RinCon in Tucson, AZ from October 10th through the 12th. You can check the schedule here, and you'll see that I am running three Shaintar J&L games at the show. Ross is also going to be running Accursed.


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