Obsidian Portal Interview (Part I)

The first part of my interview with our friends at Obsidian Portal is up.

Read all about it!

Godstrike Tempest

The official adventure (part of the Kickstarter fulfillment), written by Miles M Kantir with stats done up my myself, is now available.

Godstrike Tempest is high level Savage Worlds adventure for Shaintar characters of at least Heroic Rank, and/or Suzerain characters.

It’s a grand crossover event showing the exceptional potential of the Suzerain Continuum.

Shaintar Poster Maps Available

Today, I am particularly thrilled to announce the availability of the Shaintar Full Color Poster Map, which you can order a 12″ x 18″ mini-poster of, printed and mailed direct to you.

There’s also a sepia monochrome version, which is also gorgeous and has that Old World look-and-feel!


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