White Stag

Centenium Proclamation

Lord Mayor, Colonel Baron Wolfhaven, Alexander

Commander of the Legios Heroes

A’Davar, Eternal Sands

Twelfth Day of White Stagg, Year 3126 Under the Light

To all people pledged to Light and Life:

For millennia, our forebears have stood valiantly against the forces of Darkness and Flame marshaled against the lands of freedom, Light, and Life. Time and again, we have stood on the brink, bloody and bowed, but never broken. We have never faltered.

Prince Morok ki Anzher and Colonel Wolfhaven arrive in A'Davar

Chased out of the Valley of the Dead by a massive Maelstrom army, the beleaguered forces of the Prince of A'Davar and cavalry forces under Colonel Wolfhaven manage to reach the city of A'Davar ahead of pursuit. Though, their successful retreat brought hope to the city, their trials were far from over.

In addition to the, largely diminished, Maesltrom army less than a day to the south, another force, a rear guard of the Kal army conquering the desert also operates in the area, threatening the city from the west.

Detonation in the Desert

Two days hard march south of A'Davar, the Maelstrom army under command of who is believed to be Asascha kes Murdov, Maelstrom Commander, closed on and had nearly overtaken A'Davar's flagging army. Colonel Wolfhaven hatched a desparate plan to lead the Maesltrom army into a narrow rocky defile through a desert ridgeline. 


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