Harvest Moons

Viviane of North Face caught by the Inquisition

On the run since her cousin coup to take the power in North Face, Viviane of North Face is caught by the Inquisition in the Village of Nerat, just to be freed later by unknown forces. The Church suspect Cavaliers rebels are responsible.

Death of Philibert of North Face

The Baron Philibert of North Face dies in strange circumstances. Accused of heresy by her cousin Allistair, her daughter Viviane flees and goes in hiding, and his cousin becomes the new Baron of North Face.

Battle of the Sudweid

On the 28th of Harvest Moon, Year 3122, Rangers under the command of Knight-Captain Wolfhaven along with 40 Hammerfell riders under the command of Field Marshal Graf Von Wrangel attacked and eliminated a large encampent of brigands and bandits ostensibly allied with Red Store established in the wide plains south of the town. These villains had stolen a signifcant portion of Echer'Naught taxes, most of which was successfully recovered.


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