Harvest Moons

Construction completed on Wayfarer's Rest

A privately funded endeavor, the Wayfarer's Rest is to be at once a Seafood eatery in the heart of Olara, an inn which caters to goblinesh, and a school of a rising Martial Arts form known as "Drunken Mastery." Begun by Ivan "The Lighthouse" Sokolov

Arcfire Auction

Arcfire devices and crysalites had been disapearing from Ranger stores over the past week.  This made the finding of information on an auction of Arcfire devices very disturbing.  The location and passwords to enter the auction were located by Magpie who gained permission to join the task force heading out to reclaim the missing pieces and any new pieces that were to be found.

Comes the Tempest

The first terrible storms and related events of the Godstrike Tempest are experienced in Shaintar. The Wildlands southeastern coastal town of White Bay is utterly destroyed by an impossible tidal wave. A frightening vortex appears in the waters close to Near Island


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