Harvest Moons

White Silver Wolves 5th Company boards ships bound for Paradise

The newly formed 5th Company of the White Silver Wolves under command of Captain Brander, Silver Paladin of Echer'Naught, boards the Carrack Glory escorted by a the twin War Caravels, Windsward and Callomine in Eastport. Bound for Paradise, the 5th Company begins special survival training offered by details reports of the Long Recon Team's operations in country.

Colonel Wolfhaven travels from Echer'Naught to Tar'Imas

In preparation for the battle in the desert, Colonel Wolfhaven departs Echer'Naught via the Sacred Grove to join forces gathered in Tar'Imas. Wolfhaven Free Company Riders, Silver Paladins, and even riders from the Order of the Hammerfall Riders all join a cav force heading from Tar'Imas to join A'Davar's army in the desert.

Long Recon Team Returns to Echer'Naught

After five months, the Long Recon Team finally arrives in Echer'Naught bringing Vital information about Tempest and other forces threatening Shaintar!


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