Raining Leaves

Liberation of Ironspear

The First Exalted Host of the Southern Blades, aftering breaking out across the Faraway River, turned west, sweeping Shaya'Nor's forces before them. Reaching Ironspear around the 10th of Raining Leaves, the First Host smashed the forces besieging the Clanhome, freeing the dwarves, and the White Silver Wolves 2nd Company under Liutenant Kornash, an Orc of the Northern Gathers.

With Ironspear Liberated, White Silver Wolves 2nd Company joined the First Host as they marched west to Libearate Stonefinger Clanhome and WSW 1st Company.

Liberation of Stonefiner

Early on the 16th of Raining Leaves, 3126, a messener arrived from an outlook oupost on the north side of the Gorgons. There, he claimed, a massive army was marching in. Darkness who had besieged the Clanhome of Stonefinger for months roused to do battle.

Captain Rouark Fyrforg led a special strike team to investigate the report.

Sergeant Murvoth is known to our company. You and he are well acquainted. He now serves as the First Silver Paladin of the Silver Unicorn.

Corporal Chumley, a large ogre, is also known to us. He has served with the Wolves before.

Second Total Lunar Eclipse (Black Moon)

Over the course of the 13th hour, on the 16th of Raining Leaves, all three moons merge into one, so dark red that it seems to turn black. All cosmological powers seem to surge this night. However, those who read the starts and the movements of bodies in the heavens portend dark things moving, as if the darkening moon heralds shadows and ancient evil...


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