Raining Leaves

Second Total Lunar Eclipse (Black Moon)

Over the course of the 13th hour, on the 16th of Raining Leaves, all three moons merge into one, so dark red that it seems to turn black. All cosmological powers seem to surge this night. However, those who read the starts and the movements of bodies in the heavens portend dark things moving, as if the darkening moon heralds shadows and ancient evil...

Young Lord Harken, nephew to Duchess leaves Echer'Naught

Following the Flame Ranger's attack on the Mayoral Manse and the young man's wounding (being shot in the heel), the young lord assembled his entire force and fled the city for the saftey of Harken leaving the Lord Mayor Von Haber in command of Echer'Naught once again.

However, within days of the young lord's departure, rumors began to spread that the Duches Harken was considering bringing Lod Mayor Von Haber up on charges of corruption and failure of duty. Campaigns for his replacement began immediately in Echer'Naught.

Crimson Crusade Conclusion: Fall of Camondel

Just over a week after their surprise attack on High Port, the forces of the Southern Blades engage and defeat the Prelacy's armies at Camondel. On the field the Blades faced the largest force to date, managing to defeat in good order the godlike false Archanon, the Supreme Paladin (whose head was literally ripped off by Kassagore, leader of the aptly named Beastmen), the Lady of Judgement, many of the false Archanon's angelic horrors, and believed the ArchCardinal himself.


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