Dancing Clouds

Hostage Negotiations Completed

On the 17th of White Stagg, 3125, the former Madame Lillithien of the bawdy house, the Red Lamp returned from exile after her connection to Darkness was discovered. Though, a warrant was never issued for her arrest, she was wanted for questioning. Having been gone for months, she reappeared in the company of Ranger Sergeant Athrate Alystar, and a young infant boy, claiming sanctuary.

Echer'Naught Alpha Team Arrives in Paradise

Under order from Colonel Wolfhaven, Alpha Team arrives in Paradise to find the city under siege, but not by an army, but thousands of refugees desparate to escape the desert storms. Lacking enough food and water to feed the displaced people, Paradise has closed its gates to almost all. Meanwhile, relief supplies sit in ships in the harbor, unable to unload for fear of being mobbed and destroyed by an increasingly violent and desparate mob!

Total Lunar Eclipse (Black Moon)

Over the course of the 13th hour, on the 16th of Dancing Clouds, all three moons merge into one, so dark red that it seems to turn black. All cosmological powers seem to surge this night. However, those who read the starts and the movements of bodies in the heavens portend dark things moving, as if the darkening moon heralds shadows and ancient evil...


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