Thunder Hawk

Rangers of Sog Begin "Aggressive Defense" Campaign

Artivan Galadrius, recently promoted to Sergeant Major following his maiming during the Battle for Sog, is placed in command of the new Ranger Outpost there. He immediately forms a special squad from some of the more "interesting" members of his new commend and sets them to the task of rooting out Prelacy and Dominion operatives infiltrating the recently-liberated gather.

Childer in Stoneheart Mountains

The Stahlheim squad of Jav-rasnMurvoth

War Supplies Reach Jasara Harbor

Rangers gathering at Echer'Naught Regional Command escort a caravan of heavily laden war supply wagons bound for the front lines of the Crimson Crusade around Jasara, arrving amidst the fighting on Thunder Hawk 14th.


Rangers at Large


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