Thunder Hawk

Final Recapture of Prelacy Captain

After losing the renegade Prelacy Captain during an ambush on the way to Erimar, the Rangers of the Greenway road chased the man across the Howling river, finally bring him down in the plains East of Stagg as he made a break for Aladel.

Red Store/Flame Ambush frees Prelacy Captain

Late on the evening of the 6th of Eternal Sun, Wolfhaven and his Rangers, while transporting a dangerous, high-value Prelacy Captain to Erimar for river transport to Kythros, were ambushed by a team of Thratchen. Though the Rangers eliminated most of the Flame spawn, a third managed to free the Captain who immediately escaped into the woods to join a party of Kal expatriots, a flame acolyte and a traitorous Olaran scout.

Assault on the Western Walls of Sog

The Prelacy launches a fairly major offensive from the west of Sog, attempting to hit the "soft side" of the city's defenses. Combined goblinesh militia, Ranger units, and elvish forces ultimately break the assault force and end the semi-siege as the final month of summer settles in.


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