Thunder Hawk

Libros Nox


In search of a place where a dangerous artifact can reside the Rangers discover a Library of Darkness research and decide to take the Eye of Vaniar, a previously discovered artifact to it.



Long Recon Begins (DragonCon 2015)

A team of Ranger allies under command of Ranger Zathras departed Camp Wolfhaven on a long recon mission into the north on an intelligence gathering mission. Their mission route took them up through Olara, passed the occupied city of Branosh, through the lines to Stoon and then up thru the Northern Gathers all the way to the gather of Tanor. Along the way they encountered strange and terrible foes, learning of emerging threats and aggressive action by forces of Shaya'Nor.

Bombardment of Echer'Naught begins

Once their attack on the West gate failed, the Kal commander immediately began erecting massive siege engines around the city, but mostly concentrated to the north and west. For a solid day, the defenders of Echer'Naught could hear the sounds of saws and hammers as the massive death machines rose into the sky.

At dusk on the 19th, the first massive stone fell. Soon, the sky was filled with flaming death as the Kal-A-Nar lobbed stone, alchemical bombs and pitch spheres into the city.


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