Red Wolf

Tempest Unleashed!

Deadly storms cover all of Shaintar, making it nearly impossible for anyone to be outside. Tornados by the thousands spread across the known world, with Lightning Elementals and Wind Wraiths attacking in great numbers. Many believe the world is coming to an end.

The devastation begins on the 4th of Red Wolf; events culminate on the 16th.

Builders and the Dominion on the Coast

The Rangers of Coastline discover a growing presence of Malakar Dominion agents working with local criminals (a powerful smuggling gang called the Steel Sharks) to spread the influence of Arcfire. The goal of Dominion control of the coast becomes apparent even as the Rangers successfully stop the local plot.

Coastline Ranger Outpost Founded

The Coastline Outpost for Grayson's Grey Rangers is founded. The initial field team includes Maggie Silver (and Blodwen), GriattaZori the Red LyreLiarra Byrne and Father Artivan Galadrius. Their first mission involved dealing with ghouls, trogladytes, and a Corrupted family running an inn nearby called the Happy Vulture. 

The Coastline Outpost is destined to become a center of Ranger activity in this region of the Wildlands.


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