Red Wolf

The Receding Veil and New Lands

For the first time in over eight thousand years, the Mists of the Veil begin slowly receding, pulling farther away from the coasts of Shaintar. General concensus among scholars and comologists is that the Godstrike Tempest has something to do with this phenomenon, indicating forces Beyond the Veil at work.

Deathly Machines

A group of Rangers, exploring the region around the four-realm border of the Prelacy, Olara, the Wildlands, and Galea, discover the horror of necromancy-powered warrior golems in the control of mad Inquisitors. More reports of Prelacy soldiers' corpses raised from the dead, as well as maimed soldiers returned to the battlefield with strange and horrific metal attachments, start to pour in from various regions. The theory is that the Prelacy - or some warped break-off faction - is somehow intermingling necromancy and arcmancy.

Jubilation Day

The skies of Shaintar clear as the world-threatening Tempest is finally ended. Not only are the storms brought to an end, but extensive healing is brought across the land, restoring crops and removing naturally-occuring damage. Those who died remain dead, and sentient-created structures must still be repaired or rebuilt, ensuring that the effects of the Thundering Skies are never forgotten. The alien invaders connected to the Godstrike Tempest are driven back, though the effects of the Tempest will never truly be completely removed as the Veil continues to weaken.


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