Red Wolf

-----Continuity Divergence-----

At miday the world stood still as the sun went dark for a moment.  It was if a great eye that had been watching over all of Shaintar blinked and then continued its vigilant watch. As the light returned a comet seemed to errupt from the sun and streak across the sky to disapear into the heavens lost from normal sight.  As night falls many wonder what has changed in the world and only a few astute observers have noticed a slight change in the stars.   The comet has been named the "Red Eye" by some Kal-A-Nar scholars and the Southern Kingdoms have dubbed it "Day Star".

Alexander Wolfhaven is born

Born in 3097 during Red Wolf, on a hot, dark night Alexander began his life halfway through a year of Dark Omens. The second son of prominent land baron west of Harken, Alexander seemed destined for a life of privilege and service to the crown.

Renegade Prelacy Captain Captured

On the run from a defeat in the Korg Humps, a Prelacy Captain with a small contingent of knights was captured trying to sneak out of Echer'Naught's Dwarven Gate posing as a caravan guard. During the capture attempt, it was revealed that the caravan were actually Red Store agents in collusion with the Prelacy of Camon. Though the Captain and one of his men were captured, many civilians were harmed in the ensuring fight, with a number of children perishing. Also, a former Prelacy Crusader who had aided the Rangers in the capture was struck down.


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