Golden Eagle

White Silver Wolves 3rd Company engage Shaya'Nor pickets south of Crystal River

Lt. Kandar, commander 1st Platoon

Reporting to Captain Helt of the White Silver Wolves 3rd Company

Over the course of the the month of First Hunt, platoons of 3rd and 4th company have engaged the enemy on no fewer than a dozen skirmishes through Olaran territory south of Branosh. Only two major engagements occurred.

The War With Velkalar Begins

Sgt Gunther Volstagg, RFC Lady Nexus Zathlan, and RFC Durlan Daynore meet with a man named Vess, representing a brokerage company called Bradshaw, Berhan, & Randall. Vess supposedly represents Velkalar in this meeting and offers a proposition for the Alpha Team. 

Destruction of the Chalice

The Rangers of Bearheart have used the great forge within the lost dwarven clanhome of Lokendhuum to destroy The Chalice- a powerful relic of Darkness.

After this, the Necromancer known as Esha is torn between trying to rebuild her power base or ally herself with the Morden. The politics of Darkness have changed since the return of Vainar.


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