Golden Eagle

Destruction of the Chalice

The Rangers of Bearheart have used the great forge within the lost dwarven clanhome of Lokendhuum to destroy The Chalice- a powerful relic of Darkness.

After this, the Necromancer known as Esha is torn between trying to rebuild her power base or ally herself with the Morden. The politics of Darkness have changed since the return of Vainar.

Crimson Crusade Armistice Agreement

Official Agreement for the Cessation of Hostilities

between the National States of

The Prelacy of Camon

Rise to the Order of the Silver Unicorn

After the conclusion of the Crimson Crusade Armistice and approxially around the time of the Ascension Festival, Murvoth; Sergeant in Greyson Gray Rangers and known around the parts as the Silver Unicorn's first Paladin declared with blessing from her High Priestress and Avatar, Shayline of the formation of the Order of the Silver Unicorn.


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