Falling Ice

Delta Team of Echer'Naught returns to A'Davar

After being in the field in the Defiant Lands since 22nd of Forest Dance, 3126, the Delta Team of Echer'Naught finally returns to the city of A'Davar, the Kal Rear Guard right behind them. 

They were in the field for 7 months

Siege of A'Davar

The Delta Team of Echer'Naught stood defiant against the insurmountable forces of The Kal-A-Nar Empire. With a carefully laid plan they withstood the odds and, thanks to help from an unknown army, successfully defended the city against the forces of Flame. 

Quest for the Throne

A year and six months ago, the Southern Blades crossed the Southern Rangers to take the Prelacy capital of Camondel, breaking the Church of Archanon's century’s old stranglehold on the throne of the Camon. With liberation at hand, the Blades asked interim Regent, Lady Viviane of North Face, to sit upon the throne of Camon while they engage in a desperate search for an heir to the last King Warwick Travane. Then Darkness struck.


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