Falling Ice

Quest for the Throne

A year and six months ago, the Southern Blades crossed the Southern Rangers to take the Prelacy capital of Camondel, breaking the Church of Archanon's century’s old stranglehold on the throne of the Camon. With liberation at hand, the Blades asked interim Regent, Lady Viviane of North Face, to sit upon the throne of Camon while they engage in a desperate search for an heir to the last King Warwick Travane. Then Darkness struck.

Razing of Lanier

During the waning hours of Falling Ice 18th, Colonel Wolfhaven led a 1500+ coalition force against Darkness held Lanier. Wolfhaven's coaltion included troops from White Silver Wolves commanded by Captain Fyrforg, RTC marines led by Maric Ordal, Black Company cavaliers commanded by Captain Neverrare, Silver Paladins under First Silver Paladin Sergeant Murvoth, and contingents of Golden Gryphons, Riders of the Light, Olaran mercenaries, Rool goblinesh, and allies. 

First Glorious Host of the Southern Blades attacks Prelacy Army east of Lanier

In the pre-dawn hours, the First Glorious Host of the Southern Blades under command of the Archon Captain Laramont, ambushed the encampted forces of the Prelacy of Camon under command of Commander Leurant. 

White Silver Wolves First and Second Companies under Captain Rorauk Fyrforg and Lt. Kornash respectively, observed the carnage from their own camp adjecent to the First Glorious Host. While the Prelacy engaged the Blades, the Wolves broke camp and proceeded to Lanier under orders from Colonel Wolfhaven.


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