Graysons Grey Rangers

Destruction of the Chimera's Tower

Thanks to the efforts of a large number of Rangers throughout the Wildlands, the final location of the Chimera's Tower is discovered in a hidden valley nestled in the borderlands between Landra'Feya and the Korg Humps. She is working with a faction of Builders and a large cabal of dedicated necromancers, drawing power from across the world to raise her tower high into the sky. A framework of corrupted crysarium and blackened stone slowly reaches upward, a blight on the land, as more and more foul and monstrous creatures gather in the valley and in the hills surrounding.

Town of Thornwood

The Siege of Thuls Broken

Through cunning asset reduction on the part of Grey Ranger forces (including recruiting disenfranchised Camonere soldiers; convincing Builder assets to break their contracts; and exposing the true depths of corruption on the part of the mysterious Deniers of Death), the Olaran Army is able to break the siege of Thuls. Furthermore, they are able to counter-attack and ultimately crush the Church's army on the fields before Thuls, capturing the Prelacy general, Bertrand Greniere, in the process.


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