Hunt for the Chimera Begins

With attacks from the Chimera of Mordin happeneing across the Wildlands and the Elven Nations, Grayson's Gray Rangers have answered the call.  Teams are being dispatched to region near the Korg humps where the attacks seem to be imminating from.  While the location of the Chimera's stronghold and the exact nature of her plans is still a mystery the Rangers will stop her.  

*** these events occur during Ghengis Con 2015 in Denver CO.***

Construction completed on the Southern Military Road (aka Farwatch Road)

After many delays due to attacks my Troglanesh, the Southern Military Road (aka Farwatch Road) which began construction via the Mason Clan of Echer'Naught in Eternal Sun, is finally completed.

The great celebration was attended by honored guests from both Farwatch,

Merchant Lord Marken Valarious

Draxxon Rykker

and from Echer'Naught,

Lord Mayor Heinrich Von Haber

Royal Lord Eric Halten.

In addition, top members of the Merchant Houses of both attended as did many significant dignitaries.


Kythros is more than a city. It is the very heart of the Grayson's Gray Rangers serving as military headquarters, recruitment center and supply base. Since 3001 when the Rangers were founded, the city has grown from a simle fort into one of the largest cities in the Southern Kingdoms. Dominated by the fortress of the Rangers, the city sprawls from the coast of the lake to the castle and down to the mouth of the Howling River. Though, perhaps more than any human city, Kythros is open and seems integrated into the natural envionrment.


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