History of Shaya'Nor

In 2500 B.C., the lands to the northeast fell under a great darkness. The dwarves of the region-- believed to have been the originators of some of the earliest advances in metalworking-- were driven out or destroyed as Vainar laid claim to the region for his followers and chosen. A full third of the Fae population flowed into the lands, believing in their new god and his chosen path. 

History of Camon

During the earliest days of the Exodus, when various warring tribes who did not wish to bow to the new Emperor of the Kalinesh people fled south, a large number of them discovered the lush and green lands that lay between the Wolfhead Mountains and the Southern Range. Though they nearly destroyed themselves fighting over these lands at first, a faction found what they came to know as the Light of Truth, the Justice-Bringer, and the One True God: Archanon. Deep within the Camon River Valley, the Holy Church of Archanon was founded in Camondel. 

History of Olara

From the day Banrick Olar stood with his back to the Forges and declared “I will run no more. This is where I will spill Kal blood until my arm will no longer swing and my heart will no longer beat,” Olara has stood as the first line of defense for all the Southern Kingdoms. On that fateful day, his Stone Bear Tribe enacted something of a military miracle, holding out against the vastly superior Imperial forces until other tribes fleeing the north rallied to his banner.


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