Letters to Wolmarr (Rangers of Haven)

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Letters to Wolmarr (Rangers of Haven)



In Haven now. Have bed-mate, no need for contraceptives. Very fortunate. Named Maeve. Little strange- she worships the Lord Archanon. Uses protective spell before sleep. I told her it does not last, but she does not care. It feels very strange and warm. Glad it does not last- sensation makes it difficult to sleep. Too much energy.


Found a wise elder to teach of Ascended. Very good teacher. Named Raginard. Did not appreciate my error in what they are called. Am hoping this will help me find blue wings. Landra is the name of the one who is his patron. Very different from Ceynara, Dre-ahz, Shorel.


Working to be helpful with Rangers. Have picked up slack from local mind-magic Ranger- he did not know how to see thoughts! Very important skill for new recruits. There has been problem with infiltrators. Mind-magic user got rid of them. Not entirely incompetent. Named Ashrem.


Other Rangers: Edwin. An ogre. Very strange. Does not know native tongue. Acts like child. Very strong, as expected. Obedient. Knows his place.


Sehvik. A goblin. Do not know well yet. Assume he is competent.


Parnissuss. Sergeant. Dregordian. Very interesting. Have not met many Dregordians. Intelligent. Wish to find more about him.


Investigating strange things. Other places connecting to Shaintar. Like Lords of Strength but other. Creatures and people entering. Interested to see these. Perhaps close entry- there is danger to people.


Little more to tell. Enclosing puzzle. Very frustrating. Awaiting new one with patience. Also fear. )This is a joke.)




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