Clarification on how Soulbright familiars work

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Clarification on how Soulbright familiars work

The way I'm interpreting the rules seems broken. To quote Legends Arise:

To create a Soulbright creature, simply pick a base animal from the Savage Worlds core rules (or any source the GM approves) and then build it up as a Novice character (5 Attribute dice...)

This seems to imply that you start with the animal's base stats and then add 5 die types on top of that, and then you get additional raises. This creates a stat monster that could give an ogre a run for its money. If you combine this with the edge that lets you share combat edges, the Soulbright can be a killing machine when it is a "Novice."

On that note, how does the starting rank work? The book says a wolf (Seasoned) would start at Veteran or Heroic. Which is it? If I extrapolate this, That means a Veteran animal starts at Seasoned or Veteran, and a Novice animal starts at Veteran or Heroic.  


And finally, do racial edges (e.g., Kor-In, Kalinata) count as combat edges for the purposes of sharing them?