detect arcana at will?

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detect arcana at will?

My palyers seem to think that detect arcana at will for a mage and a sorcerer means no roles.  I interpret it as it does not take up an action but they still need to role to see if they get a raise which would give them more than "yes there's magic" which is all I give them on simple success.  If theyw ant to know more like what kind and direction it's coming from they need a raise.  How do you handled "at will".  do you make them roll for how much info they get?


I believe it is, hey there is magic over there, and it is this or that color. But if they wan't to know more, I let them roll detect arcana rolls and/or knowledge(Magic) rolls. If magic is hidden with, Conceal arcana, the players need to tell me if they are rolling to find magic, in a given situation. So it is there level of paranoia that saves or hurts them



If I remember right : "Aura Sense" is "Can use the Detect Magic Power with no cost and unlimited duration".

So my understanding is :

- You must declare that you want to Detect Magic (it's not always turned on)

- You must spend an Action to activate it

- You must roll for success (using Spirit, not Arcane Skill)

- You can Maintain it, which is a free action, but which implies -1 to other spells casts while you maintain that power

- It only lets you know "hey there is something magic here". If you want to know : what kind of school, it requires a Magic Knowledge success, and what kind of power it was, a Raise on that Magic Knowledge roll

Since "seeing someone speak loud and gesture strangely" is already a very obvious "detect magic proof" and since there is very low magic items, I often let my players user "aura sense" to detect "traces of recent magic", like "yes someone did cast a spell here". Or even, to say "hmm that guy is definitively a magic user".