Queen Mereena Avalar I

By superior vote of the Council of Lanier, with the blessings of Regent, Lady Viviane of North Face, Lady Avalar shall ascend to the Throne of Camon this year, 3127, Planting Moons 33rd, when Unidar, Diadar, and Liadar are full.

Regent, Lady Viviane of North Face cordially invites the Houses of Camon, the Church, and Allies to attend the Magnificent Coronation of Queen Avalar I.
~Council of Lanier

Barely surviving an assassination plot via unknown assailants, Mereena Avalar I ascends the throne of Camon late on Planting Moons 33rd, 3127. She is crowned by by Istella Nollan, surviving Heart of Light for the Church of Light. The sceptar of power was laid in her hand by Grand ArchCardinal the Most Holy, Anointed and Exalted Lanier Faeneux.

With the crowning of Queen Avalar I, the Prelacy of Camon officially comes to a close, as does the Purification Mandate.

Prelacy of Camon
3 127