Liberation of Stonefiner

Early on the 16th of Raining Leaves, 3126, a messener arrived from an outlook oupost on the north side of the Gorgons. There, he claimed, a massive army was marching in. Darkness who had besieged the Clanhome of Stonefinger for months roused to do battle.

Captain Rouark Fyrforg led a special strike team to investigate the report.

Sergeant Murvoth is known to our company. You and he are well acquainted. He now serves as the First Silver Paladin of the Silver Unicorn.

Corporal Chumley, a large ogre, is also known to us. He has served with the Wolves before.

Corporal Torik, a one armed goblin, recently promoted, comes to us from other companies in the south.

Rhovelius Dimerian, an alakar archer, served with the Great Wolf in defense of the Olaran Clanhomes.

Lob, another goblin, and an alchemist, is a recent addition.

Lastly, Ogre, the ogre named Ogre. Curious creature that.

They arrived late that night under the first Total eclipse to find Darkness having slaughtered the scouts and outpost defenders. Captain Fyrforg and his team assault the Shaya'Nor forces and cleared the fort. From there, they spied a massive army chasing the army of Darkness out of the Valley.

An emissary of this new army, Captain Leuront introduced himself as a member of the Southern Blades First Host. Stymied in the Wolfhead valley, the Southern Blades elected to breakout to the north and encircle Darkness from the east. Along the way, they liberated Ironspear and Stonefinger.

Prelacy of Camon
3 126