Echer'Naught Alpha Team Arrives in Paradise

Under order from Colonel Wolfhaven, Alpha Team arrives in Paradise to find the city under siege, but not by an army, but thousands of refugees desparate to escape the desert storms. Lacking enough food and water to feed the displaced people, Paradise has closed its gates to almost all. Meanwhile, relief supplies sit in ships in the harbor, unable to unload for fear of being mobbed and destroyed by an increasingly violent and desparate mob!

Using the writ of authority from Prince Velthana of Almahrad, the Alpha Team is allowed entrance to the city. There, they begin their investigation into the desert, the Empire of the Golden Sun, and the new Xaos and Seh't Cult threats...

...only to discover that they are not alone.

Already, a Tempest Mage sits in the court of Prince Esteban amin Firenzo, Lord of Paradise! Worse, or more strange, other unlikely forces also research in the Zayid Library, Darkness and others, all seeking to discover and stop this new threat. Though clear enemies, many disparate and warring forces appear to have accepted a short ceasefire as all seek to counter a new, and potentially devastating enemy!

Eternal Desert
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