White Silver Wolves 3rd Company engage Shaya'Nor pickets south of Crystal River

Lt. Kandar, commander 1st Platoon

Reporting to Captain Helt of the White Silver Wolves 3rd Company

Over the course of the the month of First Hunt, platoons of 3rd and 4th company have engaged the enemy on no fewer than a dozen skirmishes through Olaran territory south of Branosh. Only two major engagements occurred.

The First clearing the Branosh-Bearheart road on the 13th of First Hunt. The Second, a late month engagement on the 27th of First Hunt, 3rd was called out to prevent forces of Shaya’Nor from turning out left flank east of Branosh. Both engagements ended in a successful outcome for the White Silver Wolves.

From our encampment jut south of the Branosh-Bearheart road, our company, 3rd, broke out by Platoon (4 platoons). First Platoon, 3rd Company, under my direct command further deployed by squad (2 squads) and were deployed in direct advance of the army, by half a day’s march with orders to assess and scout the enemy positions south of the Crystal River.

We departed camp Golden Eagle 10th and proceeded north-east toward the Olaran/Camon border. There, the bulk of our forces encamped after squads 1st and 2nd scouted the ruins of the Olaran fortifications. Second Squad, 1st Platoon, of 3rd Company, led by RFC Zathras (goblin), member of the Long Recon Team, assessed the terrain. The only report, scavengers and battle pickers had been using the former Olaran fortifications as a makeshift camp. They scattered at our approach.

Our way clear, we established our Forward Camp in the Olaran ruins. One note, Humble (Ogre) of 2nd squad, 1st Platoon indicated that most of the Olaran graves had been dug out, indicating that the fores of Shaya’Nor had prepared large defenses to our north.

On the following morning, 16th of Golden Eagle, I broke my entire platoon out into squads, with the two squads from 2nd Platoon joining to recon north of our position in preparation for the army. Note: 1st and 2nd squads, 1st Platoon, 3rd Company were under command of Sgt Ironreich of Stahlheim. He directly commanding 1st squad, 2nd under command of RFC Zathras.

The skirmish line passed the Camon defensive ruins without incident and proceeded forward. about four hours into the march, some 10 miles north of our base camp, with Sarel (Korindian) on point, 2nd squad, 1st Platoon, 3rd Company was ambushed by a warband of Hobgoblins.

The beasts rushed from the woods, engaging Humble (ogre), RFC Torik (goblin), and Sarel (korindian). RFC Zathras took up a rear position. As the battle raged, more enemies, namely Shayakar archers began to target the engaged Wolves. Surrounded and outflanked, RFC Torik managed to convince/intimidate the Troglanesh into retreat leaving only the Shayakar.

However, the force was far larger than first assessed. Soon, Torik and Sarel were badly wounded, Humble battered, but unbowed. RFC Zathras continued to command, supporting with magic while Torik, Huble, and Sarel engaged the Shakayar. Unfortunately, as they made headway, reinforcements arrived and began to engage the scouts with ballista from cover further to the north.

Too engaged, and overpowered, RFC Zathras gave the order to retreat. Sarel, ignoring the order, attempted to capture the enemy commander, but was, in turn, captured. Down man, the remaining scouts successfully retreated back to command base, arriving almost into the 13th hour on the 16th of Golden Eagle.

The following morning, lead elements of the main force arrives, supplemented by Cavaliers from the Black Company, Wolfhaven Free Riders, Stahlheim, Olara, and Galea.

I am also pleased to note that, per Colonel Wolfhaven’s orders, the following promotions were awarded:

RFC Zathras was promoted to Corporal

RFC Torik was commendated for bravery

Humble joined the Rangers as a full Ranger.

As I write this, late 16th, lead elements of the combined White Silver Wolves force have engaged the pickets of the army holding the Crystal river fords.

Unit profile:

Corporal Zathras (goblin, Command)

RFC Torik (goblin, XO)

Sarel (Korindian)

Ranger Humble (ogre)

Prelacy of Camon
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