The War With Velkalar Begins

Sgt Gunther Volstagg, RFC Lady Nexus Zathlan, and RFC Durlan Daynore meet with a man named Vess, representing a brokerage company called Bradshaw, Berhan, & Randall. Vess supposedly represents Velkalar in this meeting and offers a proposition for the Alpha Team. 

The proposition was a cease of all hositilies between Velkalar's Organization, designated only V, and Echer'Naught's Ranger Alpha Team's current and future members. Likewise sizable donations would be made to The Wolfhaven Refuge for Children, The Grizhnak Olgor & Evoran Que'kasaar's Memorial Library, Echer'Naught, and a number of other civic works including more housing blocks in Low Town.

 For the donations, this would leave all persons, property, personnel, terroritory, businesses, and properties currently held by his organization would be granted to them. In short, the Alpha Team would not be able to mount any rescue attempts for captured Rangers nor intervine should Velkalar make an attempt on the lives of Rangers Sgt Samira Ravenwood or Colonel Wolfhaven. 

Sgt. Volstagg refused the offer.

Malakar Dominion
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