Rise of the Fallen Conclusion Online Games

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Rise of the Fallen Conclusion Online Games

Greetings Gamers!

This is it. We are a week away from the finale of the Rise of the Fallen Storyline. It has been a tough year in Shaintar and now all is coming to a dramatic end. Camon is in pieces, Shaya'Nor is knocking on Olara's door and the Southern Kingdoms need YOU to stand together and save the world.

Keep checking on our Facebook groups for new games. We already have one posted there, so feel free to contact Ruben Rivera if interested. I will be running 2 online games Saturday the 18th. Each will be 5 hrs. The first will be from PM to 6PM. I will take an hr break and follow up from 7PM to 12AM. 

I ask that each player only sign up for ONE game because I have only 9 seats per game and I would like to have as many players as possible have the opportunity to participate. Also, only sign up if you can make the entire time for your intended game, thank you.

Characters are capped at Heroic Level. No Legendaries. I will provide Pre-Gens for all who need them. Otherwise, you MUST have your character to me by Thursdary 12-16-17 for review and approval as compliant with J&L.

Lastly, I will be using a Google Form sign-up sheet to make the event as fair as possible. This is first come, first served so please sign up quickly. If you try and sign up and find the game full, email me at howard@savagemojo.com and I will put you on a standby list.

Due to the size of these games, I will not be allowing any observers. Only players will be allowed in the room.

Lastly, the chat will be handled via Google Hangouts and the games will be using Roll20. I will be sending private links to all those officially signed up, but please make sure you have access to these programs BEFORE the game.

Sorry to be so offical, but I want to make sure this is fair and fun for everyone. Happy gaming!

Afternoon Game Signup


Evening Game Signup


If you have ANY problems, contact me at howard@savagemojo.com!

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Signed up for 2/18/17 1-6pm game.  Perfect timing as I'm taking Allison out for Vday dinner at 7:15pm  :)  (and then David is running his game after that)

Chumley is available for approval on Guardians of Rool site.


Dúnedhel Vala!

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Evening favors me so alas I shall be there.

Keith Bailey

Signing up for the early session, pending approval of Flint. so my notice is in well before the due date of (12-16-17) which I am sure meant 2-16-17 as the game will happen before December... ;)



Hey guys, we have another Online game going on tonight!

Sorry for the late notice on it -- the GM has been busy with out of town work. So here is what we have going.

Characters:  Any level character is perfectly fine, however you must provide a digital copy to the GM.  His name is Xavier and his email is Yugiohfan6271@gmail.com

Date: Tonight February 15th, 2017
Hours: Midnight to 3am Eastern Standard Time
Slots Open: 3. 

So if you're free tonight, send him an email.  He'll be using Roll20 and Google Hangouts to facilitate. =)

James Olexa
Community Manager


Also, in the above game with Xavier, if needed, we have pre-mades you can use!

James Olexa
Community Manager