Crimson Crusade Conclusion: Fall of Camondel

Just over a week after their surprise attack on High Port, the forces of the Southern Blades engage and defeat the Prelacy's armies at Camondel. On the field the Blades faced the largest force to date, managing to defeat in good order the godlike false Archanon, the Supreme Paladin (whose head was literally ripped off by Kassagore, leader of the aptly named Beastmen), the Lady of Judgement, many of the false Archanon's angelic horrors, and believed the ArchCardinal himself.

However, despite the victory, there was also loss. First, it was revealed that Saderin, the Raven, and Celesia, the Silver Unicorn, had been captured by unnamed forces. Teleporting, or communicating through some mass illusion, the Raven implored the assembled heroes to "free his love."

This also explained why for the past few weeks, whenever an avatar of either the Raven or the Silver Unicorn was seen by their faithful, instead, avatars of Targon, The Ranger, and Shanais, The Druidess, appeared instead. What this means for the Veil protecting Shaintar remains to be seen.

Worse, thought killed, within days the ArchCardinal appeared in Centerport to proclaim the Heroes allies of Shaya'Nor and agents of Darkness.

Nevertheless, the Southern Blades hold High Port, Defiance, and Camondel. To add legitimacy to their claims, they called  interim Regent, Lady Viviane of North Face, to sit upon the throne of Camon while they engage in a desperate search for a TRUE heir.

Prelacy of Camon
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