The Final Crusade: The Battle of Camondel (October 9th, 2016)

Ladies and Gentlemen, at long last, I've returned to running Shaintar, and I am doing so in a very, very big way. This is an event that impacts all of the continuity, and it's something that each and every one of you can participate in, no matter where you are in the world. 

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Gathering for War

Archanaya Burns

Parts of the Holy City of Light still smolder, weeks later. In Mindoth's Tower, they still mourn the death of most of the Druidic Council.

Thousands are dead as the shock of being attacked by a living god still reverberates through the Southern Kingdoms.

On the 33rd of Festival Moons, 3125, the Locus over Mindoth's Tower opened up and disgorged an army of glorious and terrifying beings. Led by a 100' tall figure garbed in gleaming red and gold armor, bearing a gargantuan blade of blinding light, led most of them away to attack Archanaya, while a cadre of incredibly powerful entities calling themselves the Pantheon entered the Tower and slew most of the Druidic Council, along with hundreds of druids and other occupants. Garbed in mighty armor and possessed of unreal powers, the Pantheon was virtually unstoppable until two of the surviving Council sacrificed their very lives to banish those beings back through the Locus.

Meanwhile, the army of strangely armed soldiers, all bearing weapons similar to, yet distinctive from Builder armaments, stepped through a gate crafted by the towering figure. Accompanying them were hundreds of winged warriors – all much like Aevakar, yet larger of frame and ruthless in demeanor. On the other side of this gate, they swarmed into Archanaya, the home of the Church of Light. There, the gargantuan form first spoke.

"I am Archanon, God of Justice, Bringer of Law, and I have finally heard the call of my children. I will smite this unholy bastion of heretics and light the way for my followers to finally cleanse this world of demons, monsters, and unholiness!" With that, wrath was unleashed in a battle that lasted for hours. Every able-bodied knight, priest, and citizen tried to fight back, but the sheer shock of the assault, and the power of the combatants, spelled catastrophe for the defenders of Archanaya. The self-proclaimed living god razed the city to the ground, then led his army back through his gate to parts unknown.

Armistice Undone

That very day, armies flowed forth from the Prelacy of Camon, once again striking out against the Goblinesh to the west and Olara and Galea to the south. Declaring "the Final Crusade," the Grand Archcardinal Lanier Fareneux issued a proclamation that the holy people of Camon had finally earned the keys to the kingdom of the world; their faith had brought forth Archanon in the living flesh, and he led an army far to the south to crush the heretical Church of Light and the unholy demon-worshippers known as the Druids.

War rages once again for the Southern Kingdoms, but this time, something far worse is at work, and unless powerful and capable heroes are able to uncover the truth of "The Living God, Archanon," Shaintar – and all of Starfall – may truly be doomed

The Final Crusade

A special Shaintar: Justice and Life global event to raise money for a worthy cause.

The Basics

A large number of players will be on site at the Nighthawk Brewery in Broomfield, CO, on October 9th (11am – When we're done, Mountain Time). Sean Patrick Fannon will be running The Final Crusade: The Battle of Camondel. This is the last, desperate attempt to bring down the Prelacy of Camon, once and for all, while also facing down the "living god" claiming to be Archanon made flesh!

This is an event very long in the making, featuring players and characters who've dedicated years of real-time at the table to bring this about. This includes Shaintar patron Marian Waldman; Origins of the Society author Ray Greer; Justice & Life manager Howard Brandon; Evil Beagle Games' Ross Watson and Carinn Seabolt; J&L coordinator Chris Parks; and many, many more.

And this event can include you!

Change the World for Charity

That statement has a double meaning. Your participation can help change the world of Shaintar forever, but it can also change the world of a young seven year old girl named Taylor Burgess (AKA "The Mighty T") and her family. Taylor's facing the insidious cancer, leukemia – something no one should have to deal with, least of all a dynamic, bright young girl like her. The Burgess family is one of the most awesome you'd ever hope to meet, bringing joy and love to everyone who meets them, and the Denver gaming community is stepping up in a huge way with Thanksgaming 2016 to help them out.

Using Crowdrise, Carinn and I have teamed up with the inestimable Ed Doolittle to be the top group to raise money; Carinn's already joined him to have her head shaved. If we hit $1000 in money raise, my hair goes. If we hit our $2500 goal, so goes my beard. But there's more... much more.

Due to three of the most awesome people I've ever run for (Marian, Ray, and the exceptional Richard Higbee) flying in from Northern California for this, I've decided to at long-last pull the trigger on the Final Crusade. This is a Big Epic Event, the kind of thing many of you know I am prone to. This could very well, however, be the biggest one ever, because I am opening the flood gates for each and every single one of you to participate – before the event, and during it in real time!

How This Works

Take note of this link –

Donation Instructions One

That's the CrowdRise page for my team for this event. That's where you can make donations, individually or as a representative for your group, that not only go directly to help the Mighty T and her family, but also directly participate in the Battle of Camondel. When you make your donation, be certain to –

  • Put Your Character Name (or Group Name) in the "Show this name in the donation scroll" section. A Group Name could be "Rangers of Tarrow," for example, if you want to make this on behalf of your entire Shaintar gaming group.
  • In the Comment section, please indicate:
    • Which Benefit you wish to invoke (see below).
    • Who you wish to invoke that benefit for – Stay tuned to various Shaintar social media sites for a list of the characters that will be on site. You will also have the option to assign it to the Commander of the United Blades, who can then assign it to someone on site.
    • Include a Narrative of how your character or group participated in the battle to achieve that Benefit. This is a war, and you could have done something in the days or weeks prior to the final battle to create the advantage or opportunity, or you could be real-time at the battle, making awesome things happen to help the others. This is your time to shine, and make a difference in one of the biggest events in Shaintar – possibly gaming – history.
  • Please don't click "Hide Amount" or "Don't Show My Name." We need both of those visible to make this work.

Again, let me reiterate – this could be the biggest event in Shaintar history, and quite possibly one of the biggest events in tabletop RPG history! It's all up to you and the other Shaintar fans.

There will also be a YouTube Live Stream for this, so folks can tune in live, comment, and participate. Once again, stay tuned to all the Shaintar places for details. As well, if the CrowdRise comment section doesn't give you enough space to enumerate what your hero or group did, post a more elaborate narrative to the comments section of the YouTube feed, and be ready to share it in social media and on as well.

The Donation Benefits

This is where the rubber meets the road. By making a direct contribution (and again, all proceeds go directly to the family; none is kept by Gamers Giving or any of us running this, even for expenses), you can invoke one of the following benefits for any character participating:

$10 Benefits

  • Benny. You can simply assign a Benny to any character in the event.
  • Minor Asset Marker. This is used as a Trait bid (Epic Battle Rules) with a +1 Trait Roll.
  • Minor Command Marker. This is used for a +1 on a Battle Roll.
  • Minor Intelligence Marker. This is used to turn in and re-draw a single Adventure Card.
  • Minor Positioning Marker. This is used to give one PC a minor Position advantage (for the Last Battle).
  • Minor Sabotage Marker. This is used to force a -1 to the Enemy Strength roll in battle.
  • Minor Victory Marker. This is used to gain a bonus Victory Token when at least one is achieved.

$25 Benefits

  • Major Asset Marker. This is used as a Trait bid (Epic Battle Rules) with a +2 Trait Roll.
  • Major Command Marker. This is used for a +2 on a Battle Roll.
  • Major Intelligence Marker. This is used to draw and use an additional Adventure Card.
  • Major Positioning Marker. This is used to give one PC a Major Position advantage (for the Last Battle).
  • Major Sabotage Marker. This is used to force a -2 to the Enemy Strength roll in battle.
  • Major Victory Marker. This is used to gain a bonus Victory Token when at least one is achieved, or to remove a Defeat Token.

 $50 Benefits

  • Master Asset Marker. This is used as a Trait bid (Epic Battle Rules) with a +4 Trait Roll.
  • Master Command Marker. This is used for a +4 on a Battle Roll.
  • Master Intelligence Marker. This is used to go through the Adventure Card deck and discard pile and select any available card, which can be used as an additional Adventure Card.
  • Master Positioning Marker. This is used to give one PC a Master Position advantage (for the Last Battle).
  • Master Sabotage Marker. This is used to force a -4 to the Enemy Strength roll in battle.
  • Master Victory Marker. This is used to gain a bonus Victory Token, straight up.

For even larger donations, you can mix-and-match Benefits as you choose. You can make additional donations over the course of the event to add effects in real time!

What If I Want to Help You, the GM?

Absolutely! Just indicate that with your donation, and you can give me the same benefits. In some cases, I may have to creatively re-interpret them to the Prelacy's advantage, but that's on me. This may be a great option for folks who have no character engaged with the setting, but want to donate and make the event more interesting.

Final Words

I want to thank each and every one of you right now for supporting Shaintar for all these years, and for supporting this amazing and important event. I never do anything by half-measures, but this time, I do it for so many great reasons, and I appreciate you coming along for the ride on this.

Not only will this set the course of the future of the world of Shaintar, it will mean a better future for an amazing family... and a Mighty young girl meant for a very bright, healthy future, thanks to you.


Sean Patrick Fannon

Creator of Shaintar

Here's a video me and my team did all about the Thanksgaming event and the stuff we're doing.

Dramatis Personae

This list will be continuously updated as more Heroes are added to the at-the-table roster of participants for the October 9th event.

Athrate Alystar (Howard Brandon) – Sergeant Major of the Grey Rangers, orphaned and raised by the Church of Light as a priest and paladin, known for executing extremely dangerous missions and emerging threats with a high degree of discretion.

Bahiya bint Al'Shams (Ben Keeler) – Light-Blessed Priestess of Raz-Dash, Emissary of the Desert Princes, Scourge of Heretics.

Bayanai the Banal Wanderer (Matthew Dimalanta) – Mysterious Offspring, distant from the world... but determined to see the machinations of the Merchant and his ilk undone, at all costs.

Cairos (Josh Weber) – The millennia old Archmage,  willing to endure everything to bring back everyone.

Chiron (Richard Higbee) – Ambassador from the Elven Council, youngest of the ascended faelakar, archmage, not afraid to get his hands dirty when it comes to aiding or protecting the younger races.

Damon Severance (Aaron Acevedo) – Bishop of the Church of Light, former Cardinal of the Prelacy, master of strategy and intelligence work for his new church.

Erasmus Flint (Ray Greer) – The often underestimated, highly connected plotter, planner, and schemer who knows how to get heroes to go far beyond heroics to do the impossible! (Secretly Brother Mantlett, the Black Lantern's agent in the field)

Erta Wanderer (Benjamin Boardwell) – Tubby Dregordian fencer, merchant lord. friend to all, and founder of Sog's first criminal rehabilitation center.

Felosia Naïlo (Chris Parks) – High Druid of the Phoenix Moth Grove and Practitioner of the Unusual, Felosia is the bane of enemy plans and boon to allied efforts.

Jennifer of Thornwood (Marian Waldman) – 6th Company of the Silver Unicorn, Knight Commander of the Order of the Silver Rose, chosen of Archanon, beholden to no mortal power. 

Juliette LeFleur (Carinn Seabolt) – Master fencer, consummate spy, child of many worlds, and "Brother Breeze" to many of the Society.

Kaedan (Katherine Strasser) – Aevakar sorcerer who left home in search of adventure with friends as a youth only to find himself embroiled in the conflict between Light and Darkness, Flame and Life.

Kassegore, the Beast (Daniel Wong) – Once considered only a mindless berserker, now proven a deadly capable tactician, leading an elite mercenary army – whether as a liberator or a destroyer remains to be seen.

Krazkar (Ross Watson) – The would-be King of Thieves, sidetracked time and again with aiding the Grey Rangers. Krazkar spent a great deal of time on the front lines and behind the scenes in the struggle against Camon. Incredibly lucky and one of the finest fencers in the land, he is known as an enforcer and right-hand-man to the mysterious underworld figure known as "Zebediah Stone."

Sable (Craig Henson) – One of a long line of Danatarans to bear the mantle of this Special Agent of the Crown of Galea.

Ta'Or Challa (Mike Lythgoe) – a Korindian master of the Way of Kor, honorable and devoted Grey Ranger, committed to the protection of the innocent and holding the unjust accountable.

Vhen the White (David Forby) – Snow Leopard Brinchie orphan, Kor-In Master, clawless orphan, and humble Grey Ranger, bearer of the Flute-Staff, and hero of the Battle of Chimeara's Tower.

The Vrrll (Chuck Jones) – Powerful, ogre-sized brinchie-like and immortal servant of the Silver Unicorn, often arriving at the most dire and important times.

Zebadiah Stone (Donavin Santini) - Accidental criminal mastermind, founder of the Stonewright Guild ("Building a better future, one Stone at a time"), secret alter ego to the Priest of Light Salvator DeMartis when he needs to wander the dark places of the criminal underworld.