Gray Lantern Investigation of Assassinations

Falling Ice 13th-21th

Reports of the peril following the rumors of Vainar's return has met with pandemonium in the Southern Kingsdoms; death cults have started to raid graveyards to raise creatures into their horde, an ancient plague has surfaced back to the Elven population, and notable to the Greys is the elimination of leaders in the area.  Neutralizing an immediate threat to the Orcshields fanned the necromatic breeze creeping up, however passage through the Fae city of Vai'Tior, despite harboring two of their own kin rejected and even were willing to fire upon them in fear of the plague spreading.

Kythros became the next destination after honorable deeds committed on a prior mission. However, it was an encounter with mercenaries barring Olaran steel and horses, perhaps ex-compatriots of the nation selling honor for coinage that led to many questions. Though GreyEyes fixated all their aggression with bark encased hide protecting herself, it was her fellow comrade GreyClaw whom received the worse of the ordeal with heavy lacerations through her knees with Greyblade initiating most of the fatal results on the riders from stealth, cunning, and savagery.

Distressing and probably quite peculiar  was discovering parchments from these horsemen' leader; delicate code meshing with languages of Nazatirian, Malakarian, and Olaran. These were Ex-Olaran borne mercenaries, proof from the wounds they took from them. Through GreyBolt's prowess with languages, he deciphered the message. All it bore was a message, a bounty on the Olaran Wolf Lord.



Roster~ ( Names omitted, all automatically Ranger 1st class barring its Sergeant with codenames known as an unit called The Greys )
GreyWind 1st class - Swift Diminutive Aevakar Scout (male)
GreyEyes 1st class - Blind Ogress Druid with Wolf (female)
GreyClaw  1st class- Brawny Plainsrunner Fireblooded Brinchie (female)
GreyBlade 1st class- Adept Assassin Goblin (male)
GreyBolt Sergeant - Linguistic  Alakar  Archer (male)



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