Vainar's Curse Returns to Echer'Naught

The first reports of the Plague reached the Echer'Naught headquarters on the 10th of Falling Ice as healers from the Infirmary of Light forwarded reports of similar symptoms of fatigue, lethargy, appetite loss, and palor. Sergeant Que'kassars, commander of the Echer'Naught Rangers confirmed that since the 1st of Falling Ice, increasing numbers of Elven Rangers had been added to the Sick Roster.

Worse, none of the Rangers reporting the illness had subsequently been removed from the Roster indicating that the illness seemed incurable. As weeks passed the symptoms grew worse as more and more elves fell to the plauge. By the 22nd deaths were piling up, so much so, that normal Last Calls were suspended as Priest, Druids, and undertakers were overwhelmed with too many bodies to burn.

As more refugees fleeing Landra'Feya choked the Elven Gate and exhausted healers checked each Elf before allowing access to the city, within the walls, corpses piled and the land just south of the city became one, large, funeral pyre. In a last ditch effort to stop the spread of the disease, the Rangers converted the former Red Lamp into a hosptial staffed with all non-elves. 

This precaution appeared to work, until the 30th when the dead of Echer'Naught finally turned.


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