Colonel Wolfhaven arrives in White Silver Wolves Camp

At the head of the massive cavalry column, Col. Wolfhaven arrives at the White Silver Wolves encampment. With the additional cavalry forces and the camp well under way toward completion, the unit is finally prepared to begin patrols.

Beastmen under capable leadership of Kassagore hold Trollkeep, while the White Silver Wolves establish a defensive line running along the road from the river port of Jurg to the coastal town of Vor. 

Many heroes from the Southern Kingdoms, eager to face Vainar's forces, join the White Silver Wolves swelling their numbers to nearly 6500. In addition, an untold number of Cavaliers ride out of hiding to join forces, protecting the northern reaches of Camon.

Colonel Alexander Wolfhaven, Overall Commander

Captain Rorauk Fyrforg, Ground Commander

Sergeant Withenbrow "Whit" Brimstone, Siegemaster

Northern Gathers
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