White Silver Wolves Mercenary Company Marches North

With the retun of Vainar and Shaya'Nor on the march, Colonel Wolfhaven calls together an alliance of Rangers, Olarans, and Stahlheim dwarves to counter the threat. 

Forces in Echer'Naught under command of Rorauk Fyrforg, Ranger Lieutenant, Stahlheim Army Captan  depart on the 1st of Falling Ice, 3125 heading west to join another column marching from Stahlheim near the city of Rhion. All told nearly 4000 heavily armed troops in a long, heavy column along with an extensive wagon trains begin the long march North on Falling Ice 14th, 3125 up the Shanair River.

At the same time, another column led by Colonel Wolfhaven departs Echer'Naught on the 1st of Falling Ice heading east picking up troops in Harken and Camp Wolfhaven as they make their way toward the Galean Coast.

3 125