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Shaintar News
With the change-over of Shaintar to Savage Mojo's keeping, I agreed to ensure a weekly output of information and support for the project. This is the thread for that here on the forums.

Darren Pearce is cranking out text at inhuman speed for Shaintar. He's already turned in manuscripts for the Elves and the Dwarves, and the Dregordian book is very soon to follow!
Carinn Seabolt's deep in edits and review, and it's a good thing she and Gayle Reick have been working steadily to get art set up for the whole line.
I'll be diving into all three books - plus Shawn Gore's Black Lantern Report about Camden - to add in Savage Worlds mechanics this weekend.
Seriously, Shaintar fans, your patience is at long last about to be seriously rewarded thanks to Darren and the folks at Savage Mojo.

Superb news!