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Runing J&L?

Ok, so I guess here is the best place for this.  I am curious, Who is running current J&L campaigns, where, how often are your games?

The reason why I ask is that Since the Continuity Divergence there have been no other updates.  Now, I know that I haven't updated recently, I am in the middle of a two-parter but I should post the last couple of events starting with the one game I ran at Conclave of Gamers.

But it seems that there has been a vacume of news and events.  Did the Continuity Divergence announcement and events surrounding it make people lose faith in the world, make it less fun for some, or some other reason?

This is mostly a curiosity and a request for some updates and to know what it going on in the world, let's keep it going people.


So I shall start:  I run gam(e roughly every other monday, Runing in the Northern Gathers, out of Sog.

(Without putting in spoilers for my players)

General Stories: After the Phoenix Moth's Birth and the battle that happened at that time, there were some excapees from the battle so the Rangers are slowly getting word and cleaning up the Gathers a bit.  I am running a 4 part arc (Swampfox is runing the 3rd part of the series) of games that should mostly clear the issue up.  The 4th part at Con on the Range (Denver, CO) will be a second running of some modified Epic Battle rules to include Villians and Battle Events and conclude that story arc before I start another.  Then on Monday 22nd of June I will be concluding the 2 parter which is only partially related to that story arc, dealing with Necormantic Floaters that have just been discovered.

That is where I am.  I plan on running every other Monday, exceptions being 4th of july monday, So the new story arc will be July 20th, I think.

David Forby (Matrix4b)

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Beat me to the punch, Dave.


I was actually going to post something much like this.

So, Rangers of the Greenway Road and Rangers at Large are alive and well.

In fact, we are collaborating with Sun's Crossing and Farwatch on a big Regional Event: Burning Hatred.

In short, after some embarrasing defeats, agents of Kal-A-Nar are using powerful Flame magic to launch a series of raids and attacks throughout the plains of Western Olara.

Also, we are currently working on the next Meta-Arc for 2015-2016, the first stirrings were recently intoduced by our very own Rich Brown at Origins...

In Echer'Naught, Colonel Wolfhaven is missing after a skirmish with Tempest forces (from the Tempest Crossover book). Lt. Rah-Sahn Hawksclaw is not in temporary command of the Region as he struggles with the power vaccuum left by the Blood Lord's defeat.

Rangers at Large has been quite ever since the end of the Crimson Crusade (full armistice aggreement coming shortly). However, new threat rise and there is much damage in the wake of war. I will be starting new games for beginning characters and lower level characters to help our newest players get into the world.

Happy Gaming!

Howard R Brandon III

Community Manager

AKA Colonel Alexander Wolfhaven

Echer'Naught Regional Command HQ

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The coast Guard of Lanthor runs every other Friday night at my dinner table.  Due to unforseen things we missed a week, but everytime I run I post the vents in the GM section.

Dúnedhel Vala!

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On hiatus with Rool, though once I find more time to talk to Chris regarding a few things from the campaign...assuming they are okay as canon I shall throw together a few things in the timeline. To answer your question on Continuity Divergence announcement, truthfully I think it killed some momentum but that is just an observation...might be me overthinking it.

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I currently run the Sun's Crossing J&L campaign every other Friday, and am currently collaborating with Howard on the Burning Hatred event.  We've passed notes every now and then, and pick each other's brains when inspiration strikes.

Now for the bad.

This will read rantish, and I apologize if it comes off that way.  This comes from just my group, so I have no real barometer of how the rest of the J&L community feels.  I am interested if the feelings stated here are echoed elsewhere or not.

That being said, I think my group is moving away from the Shaintar setting.  A lot of factors come into play, and this is not a decision taken lightly.  The characters are swiftly closing in on Legendary status, and the players have invested a lot of time and creativity into the game.  One of the draws of playing Shaintar was the opportunity to take part in J&L.  They were sold on the fact that they had a real affect on the game world.  Another was the sheer amount of setting material that was supposed to come out.  To be fair, there has been some progress on that front, but updates have been few and far between.  After two years, there hasn't been as much progress as they had hoped for.  Delays can be expected, but then they (and I) heard about SPF heading up Rifts and stepping away from Shaintar.  And of course, nixing the whole canonical J&L campaigns that everyone has been working on.  This has defalted the mood at the table, and they're starting to lose interest in a setting that, "Won't be complete anytime soon."  It's easy enough to come up with ways to fill in the gaps, but they were waiting on something that was promised, by SPF.  I can't say that I blame them, and they've been pretty patient thus far.  As of right now, I'm still running Shaintar and creating new adventures for my group, but their interest is starting to wane.


Ok so here is what I see for those that responed:


Rangers of the Greenway Road- Varies


Rangers at Large- Varies


The coast Guard of Lanthor- 2-3 times a month


Rangers of Rool- Hiatus


Rangers of Sun's Crossing- 2-3 times a month


Rangers of Sog- 2 times a month-ish and Most Denver Conventions


As I understand it, It is up to us to keep it Living.  The J&L campaign is cannon for the J&L campaign and items have a chance of becoming adventures or being incorporated into further material as it's written BUT the farther the item is away from the vision of the creator the less likely it will be a part of the published material, later down the line.  Our stories can still influence the writers of the promised books, but some large changes may not be considered.  Such as ridding the world of the Prelacy prior to the book being written.  This doesn't mean we shouldn't still use our imaginations and dream and make our own mark on the setting.  It's like when Forgotten Realms came out (yes, I am aging myself) and then they came out with other items, more story.  It can conflict with what we did.  Rest assured that although the creators of the setting (it's not just SPF, going forward in my feeling) can't read everything, they may at least skim our stories and go "Hey that's a good idea." then incorporate it.


It's up to Us to keep the setting alive. 


David Forby (Matrix4b)