Echer'Naught Watch Station, Baker Street and Ranger HQ hit by Arcfire bombs!

In the pre-dawn hours, a pair of arcfire bombs were detonated inside the Echer'Naught Town Watch station in Center Pointe and on Baker Street close to the Greenway Road. Dozens of Watchmen injured, with some killed. Almost as if on cue, angry mobs of looters and rioters begin to attack any sign of civil authority. 

As one such mob approached the Echer'Naught Ranger HQ a messenger in Royal Livery delivered a box of ammunition to the Rangers, only the box contained a third bomb which nearly destroyed the HQ and almost killed the Ranger occupants. 

Thoughout the night, the surviving Rangers battle Arcmancy driven hordes of mind controlled civilians in a pitched battle for control of the town. 

At the apex of battle, one of the Rangers managed to track a Prelacy agent to the "Mad Bomber's" lab. Unfortunately, an agent suspected of working for the Kal-A-Nar empire reached the laboratory first. In the ensuing struggle, the Builder Arcfire Tech managed to set off all his remaining bombs leveling a good section of Low Town.

Echer'Naught was saved from destruction, though the main gate to High Towne, the Chapel of Light, the Town Watch station, the Ranger HQ, a primary military Warehouse, two major bread makers on Baker Street and a three block area of Low Town all lay in ruins.

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