Justice & Life

Welcome to the Justice and Life campaign pages. Here, you will learn everything you need to know about Justice and Life, including how it works, and what your rights and responsibilities are as a participant.

Before anything, however, you need to read, understand, and accept the Justice and Life Code of Conduct if you plan to participate as either a player or game master.

If you are comfortable with the Code, go on and check out the About Justice and Life page to learn a great deal more about what we are up to with this - what we think of as the world's first MMTTRPG (Massively Multiplayer Table Top Role-Playing Game), the next evolution in the Shared/Living Campaign concept.

If you wish to become a player in one or more games in this campaign, move on to the Creating Characters section. If you want to join us as a Game Master in this epic adventure, begin with the Starting a Campaign section. You will become one of the Grey Lanterns, so read that section as well to learn more what it all means.

If you'd like to see what kind of characters others have created, look here.

If you had created a account and character at the previous site, please recreate them here.  Unfortunately, we do not have enough hands in the Flock to move everything ourselves.

If you want to read about the adventures of those already involved, keep an eye out for the reports to begin appearing on this site soon.

Welcome, friend, to the next great epic adventure in gaming!

Art by Carly Sorge


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