Shaintar Events at Gen Con 2014

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Shaintar Events at Gen Con 2014

So the event registration for Gen Con is live May 18th. Those Shaintar fans attending the Big Show will need these links if they want to get in on one or all of the three games I am running.

Sadly, I am only running the three. They are all interconnected, and they will feature a MAJOR event related to the Kal-a-Nar Civil War and the Unchained.

Thursday (1pm-5pm):

Friday (1pm-5pm):

Saturday (1pm-5pm):

As always, I will try to make room for those of you who have always been such strong supporters, but out of fairness to everyone at the table, I must keep the numbers at no more than 8. Please do sign up, as that makes things so much easier.

See you in Indy!