History of Olara

From the day Banrick Olar stood with his back to the Forges and declared “I will run no more. This is where I will spill Kal blood until my arm will no longer swing and my heart will no longer beat,” Olara has stood as the first line of defense for all the Southern Kingdoms. On that fateful day, his Stone Bear Tribe enacted something of a military miracle, holding out against the vastly superior Imperial forces until other tribes fleeing the north rallied to his banner. A force of elven rangers from the Crystal Forest joined them the next morning, and then a huge contingent of dwarves poured out of the Forges late in the afternoon to smash the Kalinesh forces and win the day. 

From that day forward, there has always been a great bond between the humans and dwarves of the region, and the lands to the south of Olara have always recognized the kingdom as the first line of defense against all who would come from the North to invade and destroy. For reasons of their own, the Dwarves of the Forges bowed to Banrick Olar as their king, though they had lived in the region for far longer than any human. The Dwarves of Olara are still traditionally counted among the Clanhomes, but it is clear that their first allegiance is to the Crown of Olara.