History of the Malakar Dominion

The Dominion was born in conflict, and its entire history is defined by conflict on a myriad of levels. Its story is intricately interwoven with that of the Kingdom of Galea; the founding of the former drove the creation of the latter. When Vol Al'Daya made his way across the southern half of the continent, many of those who refused to submit to him were driven westward, and most formed hasty alliances to try and stem the tide of King of the East's army. Though they ultimately failed, the lords of the Malakar Dominion ensured that they would not just disappear from Shaintar altogether.

This tenaciousness has ever since defined their role in history. Proud, greedy, and iron willed, the Nobles and Ministers of the Dominion are incapable of giving up their claim to power in the world. They have simply accepted that much of their power lies hidden in the shadows, their influence coated in gold.

“When peace flowers, so too do the thorns grow in effort to destroy it” That saying is most apt when applied to the history of the Malakar Dominion. From the time of the Great Exodus to 2405 A.C., the lands known as the Southern Kingdoms had largely been ruled by warring bandit princes, deposed Kal Warlords, and independent tribal rulers. The Southern Kingdoms were rife with fractured “kingdoms” that warred with each other over land and resources. When Vol Al'Daya appeared and began to garner support for a unified peaceful nation, this threatened the way of life that had been largely unchallenged in the stranglehold reign of these despots. In 2412 A.C., they gathered to form the Malakar Dominion, under the guidance of Elvish Nation expatriates known as mal'alakar. The greatest of these, calling himself simply Malak in challenge of his exile, was chosen to lead them (after a brief and violent series of challenges and “negotiations”). As Vol Al'Daya was a patient and benevolent leader of men, Malak was his equal and opposite in almost every way. Brutal in his leadership, he doomed those who failed him to a short and painful life. Anyone who had feared that the leadership of a Fae would be plagued by weakness or too much subtlety soon discovered that Malak was no ordinary Fae. Certainly, every action he took was designed to engineer this view, so that no one would challenge his command. In 2422, Malak assembled a great army of Goblinesh, Kal mercenaries, and the combined forces of what the people came to call, simply, the Malakar. Were it not for Cyria's magic saving the day, the dream of the Kingdom of Galea would have perished on 25 Thunder Hawk, 2424 A.C.. That day, Malak's forces nearly succeeded in killing Vol Al'Daya in a deadly ambush, and his forces began to steadily press Al'Daya's army at every turn. In 2438 A.C., the Northern Hills were the stage for the bloodiest battle yet fought during the campaign, the Battle of the Orcshields. Malak fell in combat against Al'Daya even as the Olarans entered the fray and broke the Kalinesh lines completely. While the Goblinesh and Malakar forces retreated, the Kal fought to the death of every last man.

Though Malak perished that day, the Malakar Dominion did not. Under the leadership of his son, Kryus, the Dominion survived assaults from Olara, the Elvish Nation, and the Kal Empire. For over 5 centuries, the Malakar Dominion remained in its own lands-- west of Landra'Feya and pressed against the Black Mountains-- recouping and rebuilding from their defeat in 2438 A.C. The nation weathered many further challenges, from without as well as within. (Of particular note is the long and destructive Farmers' Rebellion of 2682.)

It was not until 2983 A.C. that the Malakar Dominion began again to test its might. Akhan Syvan began his rule as Prolocutor by building forces to lay siege to smaller kingdoms and city-states in an effort to expand into the area known as the Wildlands. He also had his forces conduct constant raids into the lands, taking resources and people whenever possible. These assaults led to the formation of Grayson's Grey Rangers in 3001 A.C. (consult my tome Anatomy of the Grey Rangers for more information). Akahn's eye always remained on conquering Galea: he believed, as did many Malakar, that it is the right of the Dominion to rule over the lands that were wrongfully wrested from them long ago. Although he never won Galea, his commitment to the making the Dominion the true power of the South survives to this day in the hearts and minds of a great many Malakar.

- Jonkeph Skein, Shaintar: Yesteryears and Today