History of Kal-a-Nar

Over 2000 years ago, the barbaric Human tribes far to the north began to coalesce into a more militaristic society ruled by several chieftains and clan elders. Ever stronger warlords gained control over more people and territory, subjugating the weaker peoples in their regions and building larger and more powerful armies. By enslaving the dwarvish populace of the Everwall Mountains, they were able to obtain armor and forged weapons, thus increasing their capabilities for war immensely. 

It took more than 700 years for them to finally unite under one banner, that of the Vos-Dair-Az (Grand War Marshall) Jolokas ki Grilnas. His brilliance amongst his peers won him every major battle he ever fought. He parlayed this brilliance into political stratagems that ultimately created the Eleran m' Kal-a-nar, the Kal-a-nar Empire, with himself as its Emperor. It is worth noting here that Kal-a-nar means, literally, "The People of Glory." 

After many years of warfare against all who would oppose them, the Empire sprawls across vast distances. It dominates the most of northern part of the main continent, and it spreads out along the western side about halfway down the continent. Entire societies have been engulfed within its control, most of which have been turned into slave cultures. Some of these people include the Everwall Dwarves, the Fae of the Forever Forest, and countless Goblinesh gathers. At one time, the Empire included most of the Youlin Aradi of the Eternal Desert as well. 

For good or ill, the Empire is considered the cradle of human civilization. This is where they began, and where those who would go on to create the Kingdoms of Olara and Galea, the Malakar Dominion, the Freelands, and the Prelacy of Camon fled from during the Great Exodus.