History of Galea

The history of Galea in many way represents the history of all the peoples of Shaintar breaking out of the tyrannical grip of the Kal-a-Nar Empire and escaping the smothering shadows of Shaya'Nor. It is the story of a population of refugees transforming into a glorious and honorable kingdom. It is, in fact, a story of hope: hope for all of Shaintar.

The Kingdom of Galea is the center of civilization for a great many people: human, Fae, dwarf, brinchie, dregordian, or even goblinesh (consult B’shink’s book titled ‘Goblinesh for the Greater Good’ for more information). A wealthy and prosperous kingdom, with a great diversity in its economic design, Galea is also a country that prides itself on its enlightened and benevolent attitudes in social matters. Citizens of the realm are generally content and treated well, and there are no peasants or truly downtrodden classes of people. Women can achieve any station or status, as can anyone of any race. Where else can you find a female dregordian First Officer aboard a Galean naval vessel dining with a Lord of House Danatar, as you might at the Roasted Pelican Tavern in Aradar on any given night? The Kingdom of Galea is a shining beacon of stability and benevolent rule on the continent of Shaintar – but it was not always this way.

One can trace Galea’s roots back to The Great Exodus of 1735 A.C., when thousands of people fled into the southern lands to escape harsh rule and slavery of the Empire. The rich farmlands and other impressive natural resources drew many to the lands that would come to be known as Galea. Of course, in the earliest days, there were many different clans and tribes, and this diversity led to disputes and outright warfare, threatening to drown the people in the very blood they had struggled so hard to escape.

Most will agree that Galea truly came into being in 2438 A.C. In that year, the Battle of the Orcshields was fought. Armies under the banner of Vol Al’Daya, the young and powerful chieftain of the Clan of the Silver Unicorn, in alliance with the Olarans of the north, defeated a powerful confederation of Malakaran, Goblinesh, and Kalinesh armies. However, the foundations for the rise of the Kingdom of Galea came about long before that great and costly battle. 

The legends say that Vol Al'Daya was blessed by the Silver Unicorn – she who is the essence of all of Shaintar – on the very day of his birth, and was thus destined to lead. How else is one to explain the sudden unification of various tribes who had, for centuries, warred over land and resources? Indeed, in 2405 A.C., Vol Al’Daya seemed to emerge out of nowhere as a strong and charismatic leader of men, unifying various warring factions. With the full support of the Elvish Nation and the Druidic Council-- due in great part to the Faelakar Cyria Eridor advocating for him-- Al'Daya was able to rapidly build a powerful alliance of Humans, Fae, Dwarves, and even a few Goblinesh. He soon held the entirety of “the Fist” (the great peninsula of Galea) and many of the lands leading into it.

One of the greatest mages of Elvenkind, Cyria is credited by many for having literally engineered Al’Daya’s rise to power and creating a unified and benevolent rule. In her personal journal, dated 17 Planting Moons, 2391 A.C., she writes, “I spoke with the Raven tonight. He has encouraged me to travel south and east to seek out the King of the East. This man has been blessed by the Unicorn, and he has a dream of gathering many under the banner of a unified and benevolent nation. I agree with him: we will need such strength in a good man to stand against the evil strength of the North. So, I go to seek the Chosen of the Silver Unicorn.” Cyria left her elven homeland and wandered the  lands that would come to be known as the Southern Kingdoms, learning all she could about the people who resided there. She eventually found and befriended Al’Daya and, as an inseperable team of warlord and advisor, began the quest that would lead to the formation of the Kingdom of Galea. 

As Al'Daya grew in power and influence, factions that would prefer the southern lands remain open to their exploitations gathered their own strength. Clans refusing to bow to the banner of the Silver Unicorn instead fell under the command of Tovik Malakar, as did many Goblinesh tribes, robber barons, and even a few Kalinesh warlord adventurers attempting to carve out new lands to claim in the name of the Empire. This Malakar Dominion made plans to first hold the line, then counter-attack the great army following Vol Al'Daya, forever breaking his hold on the southern lands.

The day of reckoning for the Malakar Dominion was not long in coming. The Battle of the Orcshields happened in 2438 A.C., and-- even with his mighty army-- Al'Daya might have lost the day, if not for the timely arrival of the Olarans. Cyria had traveled to the northern kingdom and had worked long and hard to secure an alliance with the great and determined warriors. Their arrival completely turned the tide, shattering the forces of the Dominion and sending the remainders fleeing far to the west.

But, as I wrote earlier, the Battle of the Orcshields was not without its ‘pearl of great price:’ Sul Al’Daya, beloved brother to Vol, was killed in battle protecting him, one of many lives lost that day. In the last days of Dark Moon, 2438 A.C., Al’Daya buried his brother somewhere between Vaiwood Forest and Shale; to this day, the grave has never been found. 

In 2441, Al'Daya's army came into contact with the Freelords of Lone Keep along the northern edge of the Lonewood Forest. Though they had no chance of possibly standing against his might, the Freelords calmly extended their respects, yet refused to yield. Benevolent or not, they said, they could allow no lord to take the lands they'd pledged to keep free. It is said that the Raven visited Al'Daya's tent that day; by sunset, he had pledged to defend the freedom of the Freelands in exchange for an alliance that remains to this day.

In the days of celebration that followed this historic meeting (known now in the texts as the “Line of Freedom”), Vol Al'Daya was introduced to a stunning and skilled Faelakar warrior named Galadrea. According to legend, they danced at the great feast on the first day. On the second, they argued over matters martial and political; by nightfall, each determined they would never speak again to the other.

On the third day, they were joined as soulmates beneath the stars by the High Druid of Mindoth's Tower. The Kingdom of Galea would have its king and its queen.

In 2446 A.C., Vol Al’ Daya founded the capital city of Galea, naming it Galadrea after his beloved wife and Queen. Recognized by the Elvish Nation, Kingdom of Olara, and the Druids of Mindoth's Tower, Galea began its long and prosperous history of strength and leadership in the Southern Kingdoms.

- Jonkeph Skein, Shaintar: Yesteryears and Today