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The majority of Justice and life campaigns should be focused on the efforts of the Grey Rangers. The Grey Rangers provides an ideal vehicle to bring together a diverse group of characters and give them a common goal. With that in mind, here are several plot points related to the Grey Rangers that you could tie into.

What to do, what to do...?

The whole concept is exciting, the world is compelling and makes sense to you.   But...
You're trying to figure out where to begin, right? What kinds of stories should you start out with to really make your Shaintar campaign be Shaintar? 
What follows is a list, in no particular order, of plot line ideas that should hopefully help get you on the right track. The MACS (coming soon) will help even more, but let's start here for those just looking for some basic ideas to riff off of.
First off, turn to page 123 of Shaintar: Legends Arise. That's the beginning of the Lines of Conflict section, which gives you some very solid overview of the various sources of bad guys and antagonists that populate Shaintar, providing fine opponents for your Rangers. The following bullet points draw directly from this section, with page references to the Denizens section of that same book for your convenience.
  • Left Behind: With the collapse of the front lines of the War of Flame, most Kal-a-Nar Empire forces pulled back into the Empire to deal with the erupting civil war there. However, plenty of units were cut off from retreat for various reasons. Other groups stayed behind intentionally, either for the nefarious purposes of warlords or war priests commanding them or simply because they felt the war should continue despite troubles at home. Page 169 presents various Kalinesh foes, including an extremely powerful Flame-Blooded Kal Warlord. Page 153 begins the section featuring various Childer, which were used as shock troops among other things. The most dangerous such units will have Acolytes and War Priests, found starting on page 147.
  • Childer Gone Wild: Of course, the various Childer left to run wild the through lands is a direct threat that has to be dealt with regularly by the Rangers. Usually a minotaur or gargoyle (or particularly canny ratzin) is in charge; woe be unto any group of Heroes that meets a pack of Childer led by a thratchen. On occasion, particularly vile Bandits (page 148) or Criminals (page 167) will negotiate some kind of deal with such beings for mutual gain.
  • Maelstrom Amok: Similarly, the Maelstrom (a huge mercenary army commanded primarily by Kal ex-patriots) has many units still running wild throughout the Wildlands. Though the Malakar Dominion denies having anything to do with such "rogue elements," most political operatives and those savvy in the ways of intrigue realize the Dominion is enacting all kinds of offensive policies via these groups. You can use the Kal Battle Leader and Kal Warriors, as well as the Acolytes and War Priests, to represent core Maelstrom forces. At the same time, basic Soldiers (page 177) and Bandits (page 148) are solid rank-and-file representations of the Maelstrom's forces, and don't forget to use the Racial Templates (page 145) to really switch things up so it's not all-humans, all the time.
  • Sword of Truth: The secret police of the Empire, usually led by powerful adepts, make for deadly and difficult foes. They are often in the Wildlands hunting down ex-patriot Kalinesh or escaped slaves, though they are also used for spy and sabotage missions. You'll find their stats on page 170.
  • Agents of Shadow: Though fairly quiet since the Betrayal War, and never particularly overt to begin with, Shaya'Nor continues to enact machinations and schemes to bring corrupting Darkness throughout all of Shaintar. Their goals are economic, political, and spiritual, and they have entities pursuing all of those goals in the Southern Kingdoms. The Shayakar (page 176) are the most common such agents encountered, with the Nightguard the most dangerous and covert of them. Necromancers (page 173) often seek out sources of lost, dark power, usually accompanied by Undead (page 178) or Corrupted (page 158). There are plenty of Vampires (page 164) and Werewolves (page 166) seeking out their own power bases or other goals outside of the Nation of Shaya'nor.
  • The Crimson Crusade: One war over, another just begun... The Prelacy of Camon is taking full advantage of the weakened state of the Southern Kingdoms, and Prelacy forces (page 174) have moved from raids to a full-scale invasion of Olara, Galea, and the Wildlands. The rank-and-file are easily represented by Soldiers (page 177), while Camonere scouts are represented by Rangers (page 174). 
  • The Dominion of Spies: Though the Malakar Dominion wants nothing to do with open warfare with the Southern Kingdoms (there's too much money to be made with the trade lanes open), that doesn't mean Dominion operatives aren't constantly working to undermine every power structure there is for both economic and political profit. Both Criminal (page 167) and Bandit (page 148) stats are useful for the grunts of such operations, though Thieves (page 168) and Adepts (page 148) and even Sorcerers (page 178) are the preferred agents of Dominion schemes.
  • The Politics of Greed: Copper, silver, and gold is the true lifeblood of the Southern Kingdoms, at least as far as many are concerned. Others seek to master their lands around them, regardless of how those living there might feel about such things. The most monstrous opponents are often those who simply want more than they have and are willing to take it from others - which is, in fact, the entire reason Grayson's Grey Rangers exists! Between petty tyrants, Bandit Princes (page 148), Criminal Bosses (page 167), and others, there are plenty of sources of conflict for Rangers and other heroes to deal with on a constant basis. Of special concern is the rather large criminal organization called the Red Store (page 174), complete with its specialists in the acquisition of goods (and people) and those who negotiate bigger, far more dangerous deals. 
  • Progress Lost: The newest (and so far rarest) threat to the Southern Kingdoms is the return of the Builders (page 149). Most are simply out to regain their lost strongholds and caches of weapons and gear, although some are clearly in alliance with entities like the Prelacy and the Red Store. For the most part, they wish to be left alone, but they seem to have little care for the damage they may cause and will deal harshly with anyone who gets in their way.
  • The Patchwork Conspiracy: Who is the Seamstress? Why are all these disparate factions apparently working together under her direction? Even as a GM, you're going to have to wait for more on that. Get on the forums if you want the inside track for this.

In addition to these ideas, we have compiled a "Campaign Bible" that is a living doc in our forums.  It will continue to be updated as stories unfold so be sure to check it out. 

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