Saiderin & the Raven's Flock

The Raven's Flock is the top level of administration. Members of this group are in charge of coordinating multiple campaigns, administering the website and online tools, and are the folks who generally run the Justice and Life concept to free up Sean for working on more books.  Which is what we all want him to be doing. 

Saiderin the Raven

Saiderin is the In-Character persona played by Sean Patrick Fannon. He is the leader of the Raven's Flock both in game and out. Sean has final say over everything that goes on in the campaign world that becomes part of the canon of the world.

The Raven's Flock

These folks are all active on this site's forums, and will actively try to answer any questions you have for them. They will offer guidance to GMs, review wiki submissions, and generally ensure that everything is running smoothly.

Meet the Flock