J&L F.A.Q.

The Justice and Life F.A.Q.

1. What is the Justice and Life campaign?

Justice and Life is a shared world campaign, set in the world of Shaintar. The campaign is focused around the efforts of the Grey Rangers, and their attempts at supporting the forces of Light and Life, while holding back the forces of Flame and Darkness (and tyrants and criminals). Justice and Life is played using the Savage Worlds role playing system. Participating events can take place at home, at game stores, online, and at gaming conventions across the country.

2. Why would I want to play this instead of a regular home campaign?

The greatest benefit you get is a sense of community beyond just the players you might see in your regular home game. A shared world campaign is built and influenced by every single person who participates, rather than just by a single group. Additionally, you can get a sense of ownership and investment in the campaign that is hard to achieve on a smaller scale. When you realize that the actions your character have taken are having an impact in your game, as well as in other games that are taking place around the country and around the world, you realize that you truly are taking part in an Epic level of fantasy game play.

3. I am a Game Master and I would like to be part of the J&L campaign. What do I need to do to participate?

First, read and review the Code of Conduct, and make sure that you want to be a part of the J&L campaign. If you agree to abide by the code of conduct with your campaign, then you may consider your home game part of the J&L campaign.

Following that, delve completely into all of the information on the Justice and Life pages.

Next, familiarize yourself with what other Game Masters are doing in the world. Browse and read through the "adventure logs" on the various Obsidian Portal campaign pages. We encourage our GMs to avoid overlapping as much as possible, so its best to find your own niche in the world that you can take over and guide. That said, we do want to encourage our GMs to collaborate and work together, whenever they overlap each others' influence.

Finally, create your own campaign page on Obsidian Portal and get playing. This is how the rest of the community knows what is going on in your section of the world. Be sure to keep up on what others are doing, and to react within your campaign appropriately. Let your players know what else is going on in the world that is affecting them, and how their actions are affecting others.

For help setting up your campaign on Obsidian Portal check out our J&L section on Campaigns and Characters.

4. I am a Player and I am thinking of joining the J&L campaign. Are there any restrictions about what type of character I can create for this campaign?

The details about creating a character can be found at the Campaigns and Characters page.

5. I am a Player and I would like to participate in the J&L campaign. How do I find a game?

You have multiple options for joining a game. If you are already part of a home campaign set in the world of Shaintar, ask your GM if they would like to make their home game part of the J&L campaign. 

If they aren't interested, or even if you just want more options, check the Looking for Group forums to discover games and events that you can participate in.

Finally, seek out gaming conventions, where J&L sessions are taking place, such as Gen Con, Alabama Phoenix Festival, Con on the Cob, Queen City Conquest, and Ghengis Con. These and many other conventions will usually have world-affecting repercussions from the events that take place.

6. I am a Player in the J&L Campaign as part of my home campaign. If I take my character to a convention, or an online game, can I keep the XP and rewards, and bring them back to my home game?

Yes. Be sure to track where you get your experience from however as to help your home game GM understand your character better.

7. I want to do some work in a major location or plot, but someone else is already working on material there. Can I still make changes where another GM is working?

When a situation like this comes up, the first thing we recommend is that you contact the other GM, and try to work together. Remember that this is a shared campaign. You both will be expected to compromise and work with each other to create the story that is most fun for everyone involved. If a compromise cannot be reached, Raven's Flock members (the Campaign Organizers) will arbitrate any disputes as needed.

8. How do I gain rewards as a GM/Player? 

Justice and Life games are all about sharing the world and adding to the overall story.  With using Obsidian Portal to manage our campaigns it can be difficult to manage who is contributing what to the world.  So the Raven's flock has created a "J&L Worldbook Wiki".  This collection of people, places, and events is where a GM or PLayer can submit summaries of major stories and events for review and acceptance into the cannon of Shaintar.  This system allows us to see what players are helping to build more of the world and reward their contributions.  Players and Gm's who continue to submit content into the wiki will be rewarded by Sean Patrick Fannon himself with extra special story arc's dedicated to their campaigns, recognition in the community through various news channels and even discounted or free products from his Evil Beagle Product lines. 

9. I've got a great idea for the J&L campaign, but I'm not sure if its possible. What should I do?

Your first step should be to consult with your fellow GMs via the forums.  If your idea is unworkable, they can give you a heads up, and hopefully offer advice how to modify it to make it fit within the campaign.  You cna also reach out to the Raven's Flock at any time and they will be happy to help as well. 

10.  Who is Saiderin the Raven, and what is the Raven's Flock?

Saiderin the Raven (AKA the Wanderer, the Interloper, etc.) was created by Sean Patrick Fannon as Shaintar's version of Merlin, Elminster, and Gandalf. He is the wise eternal, and the recurring troublemaker who chooses the heroes for greater things that usually get them into a great deal of danger.

He is also the secret master of the Grey Lanterns (though it is organized and administered by Justin Norwood), and he represents Sean's authority in game over what manages to become canon in the Shaintar setting. This character will be used when dealing with the Grey Lantern Reports. 

The Raven's Flock are a group of characters who are part of the Grey Lanterns. These characters are played by members of the campaign management team, and they assist Saiderin in managing the flow of information. These characters will be used when dealing with the Grey Lantern Reports. The people behind these characters will be primarily responsible for ensuring that everyone conforms to the Code of Conduct and follow the spirit of the Shaintar campaign setting. 

11. I have more questions that aren't covered here. Where can I get answers?

The best place to get answers is from the J&L community (found on our ForumsFacebook and Google+). Your fellow players and game masters have a lot of experience and may have already found an answer for your question. If they can't help you, you can email the Raven and his Flock at SaiderinTheRaven@gmail.com.