Shared Campaign World

The Campaign Concept

In reaching for the stars, I am standing on the shoulders of giants. None of this would be possible without the amazing work done by those who organized and ran all of the "living" campaigns that have come before, such as Living Greyhawk, the Living City, Living Arcanis, Living Forgotten Realms, the Camarilla and Mind's Eye Theater, and so very many more. As well, the original TORG shared universes concept by West End Games and the integrated tournament results for storyline by AEG for Legends of the Five Rings were also groundbreaking and blazed a trail towards the goal I strive for here. 

Some time ago, I wrote a big essay about all the things I feel should be done by designers and publishers (and players) to make gaming even greater. To take it to the next level, if you will. 

By using today's technology, social networking, and the extraordinary communities of gamers that can be built on those foundations, I feel we can enact a truly unique experience in gaming. We can all participate in a shared gaming universe - one that is officially published and supported, using one of the most popular game systems in the world - that allows each character's story to matter, and each experience to be part of the canonical reality that everyone shares.

That's the idea behind the Justice and Life campaign, and if you are a part of it, you may well be a part of gaming history.

Let's see what we can create, shall we?