J&L Campaigns & Characters

J&L Campaigns & Characters

Here you will find all the information about running or playing in a J&L Campaign.  First lets look at the groups involved in manageing this shared campaign world.  There are three major groups involved in managing the shared world; The Raven's Flock, The Grey Lanterns, and the Players. each of these groups is detialed below.

Saiderin and the Raven's Flock - This team of dedicated folks help to coordinate the stories, help GMs and players with game and story ideas, and review content for the J&L Worldbook Wiki.

Grey Lanterns - Grey Lantern is a special title given to every Game Master of a Justice and Life campaign. In the game world, the Grey Lanterns are a clandestine branch of the Grey Rangers, who work to share information among various ranger outposts, and combat the more subtle enemies of the Rangers.  It is suggested that each GM have a persona in their games that acts as a grey lantern.  It can be anyone from a soilder or merchant to your own hero or a commander at a nearby ranger outpost. 

Players - The players are truly the most important aspect of the Justice and Life campaign. You control the heroes who create the legendary tales of the world. Every action your character takes in a Justice and Life campaign becomes an official part of the Shaintar canon. The changes you make to the world have a real impact on everyone else playing in the shared game world.

Campaign Management

As you can imagine trying to build this type of shared world would not be possible without the tools to manage everything. 

When we first launched this effort we tried to tackle campaign management ourselves.  This prooved to be to much work for our entirely volunteer staff so we have since moved to using Obsidian Portal for all our campaign managment needs.  

A list of all the current campaigns running as Shaintar Justice and Life at Obsidian Portal

An archived list of all the original campaigns.

An archived list of all the original characters

Finding a Game 

If you dont allready have a home game to play in or are looking for more games to join, fear not.  There are lots of places to look for.  Check your local game stores for games and conventions where you can play.  Check out our Facebook, Google+, and Forums for chances to join in the fun.  If your looking at running a game check the links below for more information. 


J&L Characters - More information on creating new or using pregen characters

J&L Campaigns - More information on starting and running your own campaign

Campaign Bible - Plot points and links to the living campaign bible to get a since of what is happening in the world.