J&L Code of Conduct

The Justice and Life Campaign Code of Conduct

  • I understand that this is a shared campaign experience, and that I must cooperate with everyone else involved and not push my ideas or my agendas over onto anyone else without respect or consideration for their own ideas or agendas.
  • I understand that I am playing in a setting created and owned by Sean Patrick Fannon. Anything created in this campaign experience is inherently property of Sean Patrick Fannon for the purposes of publication and other uses of the IP (intellectual property). I cannot come back later and say "Hey, that's mine, you can't publish Shaintar now because I put this in the setting."
  • I am not going to bring copyrighted material into the Shaintar continuity. If it belongs to another IP, it cannot be put into Shaintar via this campaign. No characters from other RPGs, fiction, anime, video games, movies, comics, or any other published sources can be played here. No cities, towns, gods, unique monsters, or anything else that belongs to such other sources can be put into this structure.
  • I am not going to use stupid, inane, anachronistic, or just plain lame names for things in Shaintar. No "Rocksaur22." No "Bimbo Buggins." No "Fred the Barbarian."
  • I am here to be a part of the setting, not mess it up for others. I am here to roleplay, tell stories, and enhance the setting as presented. I won't do things that take away from those goals for others.
  • I will not be a troll, either in character or out. I will follow the Wheaton's Law.
  • I recognize that, at first, we're all just starting out with this thing, and the level of impact I have will be reasonable, believable, and relatively small compared to the entire world. What I do matters, and it really happens, but I am not, either as a player or as a game master, cracking the core of the planet in half today or letting my campaign group murder the King of Galea next week.
  • Unless I set things up with those running this at the higher levels, I will not play a bad guy, villain, or monster. This game is about Heroes, and that's why I and my fellow players are here.
  • If I do get to play a bad guy, villain, or monster, it's to enhance the story, not to get my kicks hurting other characters and messing with other players.
  • I am here to share in an exciting, possibly paradigm-shifting experience that's not really been done before at this scale. I want to help it be grand and to succeed. I will do all I can to contribute and not detract from what we are all here to share and to accomplish.

Shaintar Justice & Life Cooperative Play Guidelines

Let them Play

This has been and will always be our watchword. At the very heart of Justice & Life is the concept that GMs have the freedom to determine their own destiny within a larger world. Your creativity and enthusiasm fuel our efforts.

Spirit of Shaintar

And yet, there are certain key themes and elements which make Shaintar the Epic High Fantasy world that it is. To stray too far from any one of these would fundamentally change what it is that makes Shaintar unique. Great attention has also been paid to maintain an internal balance within Shaintar Justice & Life so that every character has value and no one group or faction is superior.


Without this balance there can be no collaboration. Without a common set of guidelines, one character cannot move freely from one game to the next as the differences would make such collaboration difficult. Inherent in the concept of living and playing in a shared world is the basic agreement to adhere to a set of fundamental principles.

Will Wheaton's Rule

At the center of it all is simple respect for the World of Shaintar, respect for our efforts to maintain J&L for you, and respect for your fellow GMs and Players such that we can all play in the massive sandbox together and that, though we may disagree, we at least agree to cooperate and compromise so that everyone feels welcome to play.

Shaintar Justice & Life Cooperative Play Guidelines

Within your home game, so long as both GMs and Players agree, GMs may run their games as they see fit with the understanding that deviating from the fundamental guidelines of J&L may result in their contributions being excluded from collaborative storylines and potential inclusion in published works.

See J&L Code of Conduct

However, while running games in a public forum (i.e. conventions, online events, etc...) we request that GMs adhere to the following basic set of guidelines:

  • Follow all printed rules in Core Savage Worlds as modified by Shaintar books
  • Follow all printed Shaintar materials (source books, published pdfs & official J&L web content)-not necessarily including cross-over content or fan created material

 As always, GMs will have final say over allowing character builds or any item they feel is inappropriate for their game. However, if you must disallow a character or build, please always follow Will Wheaton's Rule.

 We thank you for your cooperation and invite you to contact the Culture Warden or Director with any questions you may have.