Shaintar: Justice and Life - A Campaign Bible

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Shaintar: Justice and Life - A Campaign Bible

This is something coming, friends, and as we pull it more completely together, I want to make sure the key elements of all your campaigns are incorporated into the final "Story So Far" part of the Bible. 

To this effect, if there is any way you can give me the barest minimum data points (think entries on a timeline of history) to incorporate, I'd greatly appreciate it.

Shaintar: Justice and Life - A Campaign Bible

SPF; February 6, 2014

Long overdue, we're now putting together a foundation bible for all GMs and players to work from where the Shaintar: Justice and Life campaign is concerned. This bible will establish four things:

  • The Year and the Season: Once and for all, we'll set down what year it is in the setting, as well as establishing what months are currently active. We will update this via various media as things go along.
  • The Story So Far: Summarizing all that has happened as relates to the campaign up to this point, intersected with key canonical information from both Shaintar: Legends Arise and Shaintar: Legends Unleashed.
  • Destiny Unfolding: Exclusively for Game Masters, we will be establishing various Story Arcs that are extant and in the works.
  • Fixed in Space/Time: We're going to also outline the areas that are considered claimed and off-limits for "Big Changes." This doesn't mean these areas cannot be traveled to, interacted with, and filled with additional stories. It does mean, however, that certain locations will only be significantly changed by those at the top of the Plot Chain, or via significant coordination with motivated and cooperative participants.

Will the Campaign Bible ever be updated?  It's over 2 years out of date at this point.

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Unless I'm mistaken the Active Timeline has taken the place of the Bible.

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Okay.  Thanks.  I just started playing Shaintar again regularly after close to 2 years off.

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Yep, and each new Story Arc also includes sections related to updated info.

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